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Only the wolf is from the wolf culture is not suitable for the internet!

Shi Yuzhu on the "new wolf, get rid of the rabbit" debate in the circle of friends scraper, some stations in the company management point of praise, some standing on the perspective of the interests of the employees that each one sticks to his argument. Is it necessary for a company to carry out the wolf culture? What is the outcome of the wolf culture?.

2010, I do the planning in a medical device company, the sales situation is anxious, the boss vigorously carry out the "wolf culture" in the company, requiring all provinces and sales manager in the backbone "action in Xilin Gol prairie". At the beginning of August, Inner Mongolia’s most pleasant season, is said to be in a swearing in Gen Gi Khan marched on expedition, held wolf flag ceremony, the office was dubbed "Hubei wolf", "Xinjiang wolf", "Lu wolf" designation. A cavity filled with ambition, I am full of fanatical worship of wolf culture! (the effect is extremely excited several times stronger than


is a very interesting person, he is a "pin wolf" said the director of marketing, to subordinate tasks when overbearing, no one satisfied; always frown, at the time of the meeting to talk to the boss, he took notes on what should be a few words. A year later, he took his performance award, quietly removed. After the market is with vigour and vitality wolf culture played a booster, back into fatigue in the excitement over. In the field of the ceremony of the "governors", how can I fall, each one pursues his onward journey to remember their name.

"wolf culture" in many occupation training institutions there is still an open course, many start-up companies even without exaggeration portraits hung wolf and slogans to motivate staff morale. I think I need to put the "wolf culture" in the company can not carry out the reasons for the summary, although this topic we have some tired.

(Wolf) culture is a culture of sales, rather than the culture of all departments of the company. Sales are regarded as the most important department of the company, who can earn money to the boss, who forced. A year to complete the number of sales tasks, to every quarter, every month, every week KPI. This determines the brutal competition for sales, all sales crown, do good is the wolf, do not end well eliminated; but ignore a company is not only a sales department, an organic part of scientific research, production, personnel, financial, administrative and other occupation characteristics is also the company, these employees decided their "chronic", and the sales of radical formed antagonism, more often in the age of many companies, this conflict tension will be greater.

(two) wolf culture is the boss culture, rather than the manager culture. Do you want to have, for their cruel, weakness in order to fight against humanity in their hearts, "wolf" is good at organizing team to achieve their goals, therefore can give superhuman perseverance and diligence. The professional managers to consider is how to do more specialized in the field of expertise, professional people do professional things. The boss asked me to do it according to my will. You can’t do it well. From the manager to the boss

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