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Good birds choose wood and habitat soft Wen promotion focus is to choose the right place

write 1 soft article yesterday evening, from Mao to the end product for half an hour, through constant changes, we have extended the source, then is to find the promotion places, I choose PR high weight good Admin5 station and some, is that a few have the registered, there are many other blogs slowly accumulated, and then published work begins.

I found the

soft Wen promotion the most important place, is to arrange the bearing soft place, because before the soft Published time in Admin5 and his blog, the number is less, so the effect is not obvious, this time in the Baidu Google search site, and then a register, a a published, also found a lot of websites have previously registered, but has not used it, it seems that usually the accumulation of consolidation is very important, otherwise everything is ready, only owe the promotion space. Best CTRL+D down, and then save the login information to facilitate the next promotion.

enumerate several commonly used promotion site:

webmaster network: (positive site very good)

laggards: (reverse domain good)

there are a lot of XX webmaster network, made the article has not passed the audit, looks like a day! No effect!

blog network




The rest of the

there are some blog (blog China, blog bus, and so many) and the site I did not list, we can according to the theme of their web site screening.

finally had to say, soft Wen written, very important place is that you will want to write an article, usually have to tidy up, such a soft place, the fastest speed to many websites, so that more people can be reproduced, traffic is very good, the most it is important to add a lot of backlinks.




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