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Webmasters how to design website promotion program

is now building a web site is not very difficult thing, to find a good set of source code program, buy a domain name and space, the next site to debug the ok. However, it is difficult to promote this site, a site if it is not promoted, or no source of income, then it is not a successful site. After testing on the line, is always accompanied by many problems, for example, fix the website, how to do next, what should do, how to let more people visit my website? Next is website promotion and operation. Visible, the importance of website promotion. How to design a reasonable website promotion program?

a reasonable website promotion program has the following steps:

(1) to determine the objectives of the site promotion stage. Sure, your goal is, in which groups of users issued within six months after the day to achieve independent access number is how many, and how the relative ranking competitors in the major search engines, web site collected, the number of links, registered users and so on.

(2) in the web site at different stages of the operation of the website promotion method. A detailed list of the best specific website promotion methods in various stages, such as log number of major search engines to use web sites, mainly in the form of online advertising and promotion to those media selection, generally need to input costs, how to reasonable allocation.

(3) website promotion strategy control and effect evaluation. Such as the promotion of the stage of the target control, promotion effect evaluation index. The control and evaluation of the website promotion plan is to find the problems in the process of network marketing, and ensure the smooth conduct of the network marketing activities. If the promotion has been found, there is no big increase in the number of visits, then need to optimize the site again, re adjust the promotion plan.

(4) web site analysis: content, including the nature of the site, the size of the status quo, the search engine to search the site of the record, the site traffic analysis. Web site structure diagnosis: the site’s structure is reasonable, whether it is efficient, convenient, whether in line with the user access habits.

(5) website optimization. Page Title tags and Meta tags are very important in the title markup that the title of the page. Each page should have the corresponding title. Meta mark: This is one of the most important description (description) and keywords (keywords), so should give each with a value of meta. Pay attention to the following:

1, the search engine to explain your web page keywords;

2, tell the search engine your site’s main content;

3, the file will be retrieved, and the links on the page can be queried;

4, website structure optimization: Structure Optimization Website Page Optimization: page layout, page design optimization;

5, navigation design: navigation convenience

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