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Under the line to promote the rational use of resources around

work this morning when the elevator, found a very interesting thing, the first floor of the elevator wall hanging from the advertising on tv. In fact, the elevator of the hanging TV every day non-stop broadcast advertising, every time I look at the gate waiting for the elevator, but there has been no attention to hide huge value. Today is an advertisement that I noticed a close link between the promotion and the promotion of the website. This is a video of the cake square. Specific details do not do too much to introduce, in short, is the kind of business that is commonly used in the form of advertising, the use of a variety of attractive cake cake and attractive pictures to attract your attention. I am not attracted to these, but the advertising of the last site introduction. The original cake Square also has its own website, at the end of the ad, focusing on their website, and stressed the need to know more information, please log on to the site.

this ad is brief, but also does not have too many original ideas. But I’m impressed, one is its last website advertising, and the relevant department’s own foreign occupation. On the other hand, I think it should be brought about by the elevator advertising effect. Elevator is a tool that we often have to deal with in our daily life. Commuting, shopping malls, government agencies, high-rise residential will take the elevator. And you can’t wait for a few seconds or even more than a minute to get out of the elevator. This time, you may not do other things, such as lift people are not familiar to you, so most of the attention is likely to be attracted to the outside wall of TV, so you may usually will not see the advertisement at this time would be very serious to see. Elevator advertising and the face of the user’s cultural level and income are relatively high, often some of the high-end products and services target consumer groups.

later learned that the cake was not far away from the neighborhood, walking a few hundred meters to the. Can say this cake Square promotion do very well, in particular, near the location of a lot of hidden target users, television advertising in the elevator, not only let the user know the location, let the user know the website, users through the network to understand the store after the day. Adsense nets satisfied think this way to promote the reasonable use of the resources around, as far as possible to the nearest target user groups to understand the store and its website. This promotion is worth the promotion of the site to do the line reference. As we all know, now do local station station based on local information industry provides services in the local market, to promote the line even more important than online, many sites have extended in line to study how to better, around the rational use of resources will be an important party offline promotion type.

in order to make rational use of the surrounding resources, we must first understand the needs of the target user groups, and then according to the target user groups may visit places to develop promotional programs. Like this cake Square, he fully aware of the shop around the office workers is the largest potential user groups, and this kind of users are usually the most

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