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Network public relations soft Wen

1, the website has become an important means of public relations, the power of network communication in some of the network celebrity event has been fully demonstrated.

3, some of the public relations firm for the evaluation of the traditional media report to the network of communication effect, such as the number of articles in the time of network settlement. This is absolutely undesirable.

4, the effect of network communication ultimately depends on the click rate of news releases. So when choosing a site, check the site’s daily ip.

manuscript published in the site of the site, the home page than the channel is likely to be clicked. Channel natural than the contents of the page click on the possibility of large.

5, the site is Baidu news source is better than the Baidu news site.

6, a news forum discussion topics, as well as commentary articles better than the news alone.

7, the network news must bring pictures better than no picture effect.

8, the title of the enterprise name than the name of the enterprise does not appear good, but to be more reasonable, can not look at the gun.

9, the network manuscript in the selection of large sites are now released, the original site first released. Small web site delayed release, because the majority of small web site information sources are large web site, a large copy of the contents of large sites in the small website quickly spread.

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