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How to quickly and effectively carry out Baidu know marketing promotion

believes that Baidu knows the importance and the degree of marketing marketing network marketing personnel is to carry out the solution, people are also more effective or more rapid deployment of Baidu know promotion this is a very important topic, if doing friends often answer questions immediately after a failure or submission is not successful, it needs to have the appropriate methods and steps to more effectively carry out Baidu know promotion, the author introduce Baidu know marketing methods and experience of the open.

first, Baidu know the importance of marketing promotion

1, Baidu know a large amount of user

Baidu is the largest search engine platform, is one of the hundreds of millions of users for the use of search tools, network marketing is 100 a hotly contested spot, while Baidu know the interactive platform is the most massive, Baidu know inquiry platform is all the weight of the high Q & a platform.

2, free, interactive, transmissible

Free of

, Baidu know the interactive, communication and let the industry search engine marketing has spring, Baidu know is free, as long as the user can register an account to the problems submitted to Baidu know that tens of thousands of help. Can be a strong spread of the general problem solved Baidu will be included, other users can see the problem through the keyword search and answers through QQ and other instant messaging tools to quickly spread.

3, user precision

through Baidu know or ask the user to find the bill must be a certain aspect of the confusion, or understanding of the existence of a certain demand, the user is very precise.

4, high weight, auxiliary SEM marketing

Baidu’s products to pay attention to their own weight: Baidu know do optimization is clear, not only in their own products in the Baidu high weight, the weight in Google is high, generally do the long tail word can quickly get good rankings, if you can get a large number of long tail word into the product brand information is conducive to the improvement of SEM marketing effect. Baidu know the weight is very high, many words do not deliberately optimized will be ranked in the first

two, Baidu clearly know the purpose of marketing promotion

1, SEM marketing

The purpose is to know Baidu

SEM (search engine marketing), in order to be able to search in Baidu Baidu home page to display our brand, enhance our brand exposure, let more people through the home page to show the brand information, to brand marketing way to let users know our products, after having enough exposure, think of how to make these potential intentions the acceptance of our products and services, and successfully converted to our customers, and we do know that the Baidu marketing marketing skills and content related.

2, bring traffic

says Baidu knows

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