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A brief discussion on some strategies for obtaining high quality flow of talent website

is now one of the best talent website website type of personal webmaster, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more job seekers to find suitable jobs from the Internet, especially some of the white-collar workers, a serious work in the enterprise, on the other hand also from people on the site at any time to pay attention to better opportunities to make their through the job to obtain better development prospects, so the talent website construction, traffic problem is not particularly large, but there is one point to note is that the site personnel also need high quality flow, the flow of talent for the website can not only bring popularity, but also can bring to the site visibility.

so how to obtain high-quality talent website traffic? I think from the two aspects, the first is the development of outstanding enterprises to join, second is based on the diversified publicity platform to enhance the number and viscosity of website staff only can obtain high-quality talents so that web traffic here in-depth discussion from the two aspects.

is the first to get more high-quality talent, the talent website, the number of flow is not a very difficult thing, the key is to find a job over the flow, can provide better service for the flow, and let it flow to feel able to get more in the interview on this website this opportunity in order to let more people to join, to know the current white collars will have their own QQ group, once a white-collar job hopping in a successful talent website, it will affect many people, so with the introduction of the general job seekers increased traffic, it is better to do public relations work, invited more enterprises to join Web site.

for talent website, profit model is often to rely on corporate membership fee, but for the early talent website, need not do so, but to adopt and enterprise cooperation, so that enterprises can publish information free of charge in the talent website, to provide more jobs, because from the beginning of the construction site personnel. There are a lot of job seekers may not come here, there are many attractive jobs only on the website, those job seekers hoping to find work that may be uploaded on the website resume, open job hunt.

so through to the enterprise free mode to promote the enterprises to join the talent website for talent flow confidence, enterprise website, the money is the blood, and the job seekers flow is a kind of fermentation on this model to make money, can play a role of sublimation. Therefore, the second step is to carry out the talent website publicity strategy, so that more people know the talent website, and with the help of some local stick and QQ group to publish a person on the talent website for job success information. Publicity is the premise to attract traffic.


personnel want to register on the site, so the function of the website to meet the good, talent input can not resume too cumbersome, there should be some personalization effect, allowing users to show their strength. On the basis of the resume to be handed to the talent

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