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Webmaster share guide users to consume the site should do (in)

following the last article "webmaster sharing: to guide the user consumption website should do (on)", have a friend to contact me, said the article is very well written. First of all, thank you for your support. I always feel that an article represents a person’s thoughts. Sometimes see some good articles will be "no one, first heard the sound" feeling. Okay, well, then begin share several other factors.

fourth, let users convenient operation: let users convenient operation actually contains two meanings, one is the site usability, and the above mentioned sites need to have good navigation are similar, with the site development is more and more perfect, more and more powerful, it must be "effective guide" to ensure the conversion efficiency and website user; and another means the purchase process must be simple and convenient, especially for many customers, whether you need to register to buy? Whether you need unnecessary steps when registering? For some display site, if you want to leave the user contact, then let customers fill out the form to as simple as possible, leaving only the e-mail on the line, do not ask for sex, unit, telephone, these can slowly to improve in the future, The simpler the better. If the site allows users to operate very complex, it is likely to cause the user to close the page, do not operate.

fifth, information as far as possible: the information here is not referring to a variety of product information, but the details of each product. When users come to your website to browse your product, it is a potential customer, so, as much as possible list of product information, a text is a wire to help users, he scanned the longer the time, the product with a sense of trust will increase, so will likely turn into the greatly improved. The advantages of the Internet is to show the user enough information, especially if the user wants to understand all aspects of a product, and you just write a map in two words or three or "for more details, please contact us, so many users will not take the initiative to contact you, unless there is no other such products, I think this probability should not be too large. There are a lot of potential consumers on the Internet, may be due to your good copy, beautiful pictures or elaborate design may make him a real consumer. So, the information can be displayed to your potential customers.

sixth, a good sense of trust: good site must be based on the user’s trust, how to let users trust us? Large sites like Taobao are that the seller’s evaluation, the user can make use of the evaluation system of the third party to understand the product, and for us, the lack of authoritative third party certification, no powerful proof to convince customers. Therefore, it is necessary to timely packaging themselves, to establish their own authority. Such as pay to portal station to write text, do interviews, conditional word can do the media, these "achievement" on the site of a prominent position, let the customer feel our authority. In addition, you can put some homemade video, photos, etc., the real

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