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Radish sharing local mall shopping website promotion method

Internet, e-commerce leading fashion, how many enterprises enter this piece of fertile land, and a few people are happy, some people worry. After a wave of electronic commerce network group purchase war, a mark, once again set off a boom in online shopping, then group purchase navigation is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, fully meet the group purchase network. People are a common problem, see what others do to make money, just blindly follow the trend, many people buy goods, did not increase the shopping website marketing planning should appear! By radish about the recent planning a shopping mall website from


the promotion of the website is online ordering for the cake, is our Hebei Shijiazhuang site is one of the founders of Shijiazhuang pastry training school, this kind of shopping sites on the one hand is to facilitate, let Shijiazhuang people can buy the cake on its own web site, and the service is good, 24 hours without rest. Free door-to-door, on the other hand, is a fragrant cake brand promotion — Mayr West Point, so the promotion plan and the past is not the same!

1, this is considered to optimize promotion keywords ranking, query keywords industry data, search and so on, to determine their own keywords, optimize the basic configuration of a good web site, the intensity of the 5%.


connection exchange, launched in November 30th December 1st included new sites, few people would like to do links, so want to use some of their own resources with the station, collected many, snapshot update more quickly, then go to exchange some good website links


3, community promotion, looking for some people in Shijiazhuang intensive areas, for example, Shijiazhuang (Baidu Post Bar), Shijiazhuang forum, go to the web site to release some of the posts, propaganda posts, and the link is not easy, can add "incense Mayr West" propaganda words, some of their own brand

is also good!

4, QQ group promotion, looking for Shijiazhuang related QQ group, you can go to the QQ website in the search, I added a group of 30, back again for QQ, then add! The group sent some kind of advertising, some euphemism is not easy to be the main group is that the advertising has been kicked out of the group, the best a good relationship with him, to facilitate future


5, micro-blog promotion, micro-blog has been popular for a long time, the first is Sina micro-blog, later Tencent micro-blog piracy Empire, the existence of QQ to QQ rapid pace of development of micro-blog, I have been in 8 days more than 600 fans, basically is Shijiazhuang local, is not bad, I feel every day! I will take the name of incense Mayr West Point to say hello to you, or to release some mood of micro-blog! The effect is very good


6, free platform promotion, there are many free information platform, the weight is high, and the information released after Baidu will soon be included, can do some long tail keywords, increase the number of the chain effectively, and the platform of the flow is.

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