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Kun Peng Theory 7 ways to learn the case of the 10 cases of hot news to do your own marketing

Kun Peng theory has been that network marketing is a very good method with the help of the Internet hot news, hot news because the Internet marketing tends to put most of eye of the whole society are concentrated to a point, then it can be as long as the clever use of eyeball attention also spread to your body, multiplier



this marketing method is also called popular marketing. By leveraging the power of investment may be small, but the effect is likely to surprise you!

this borrowing, mainly through the use of a variety of ready-made material to create news effects. The method is mainly divided into the following points.

a, celebrities have so much attention, do not borrow white do not borrow!

Maslow’s theory of psychological needs is described in this way:

when the buyer is no longer the price and quality as to buy concerns, with the popularity of the celebrity to increase the added value of products, to cultivate consumer association for the product, feelings, to win the sought after consumer products.


celebrities can be movie stars, sports stars, cultural celebrities, celebrities, etc., depending on the needs of enterprises, resources and opportunities.

celebrity strategy is the most commonly used strategy, regardless of large enterprises or small businesses, will seek a variety of stars, celebrities to speak or become ambassador.

and then around celebrities, making a lot of news, causing the media and consumer attention, in order to enhance brand awareness, enhance the purpose of sales.

if your business does not have celebrity endorsements do not matter, go directly to it!

classic case

famous Witkey website "pig Witkey network" at the beginning of the line, to coincide with the 2005 Super Girl and super girl on normalizing, planning a series of news, in the short term to quickly enhance the visibility.


, for example, when Li Yuchun’s momentum is fierce, the media are digging up the news about her. At this time, pig eight quit immediately planning a news, the main idea is:

a senior "corn" (i.e., singer Li Yuchun fan) in the pig online offering a reward of 500 yuan for Li Yuchun to design a skirt, because he found that Chris (fans nickname for Li Yuchun) the fundamental reason do not wear skirts because she is not a suitable dress.

previously, in the pig online reward platform, there have been a reward of 1000 yuan for the design of the birthday of Li Yuchun’s cultural shirt, to send a gift on the birthday of the task of Li Yuchun.

as a result of this news is full of interest, but also at the time with the most fire figure Li Yuchun, naturally sought after by the media, the effect is full.

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