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Open source video platform Kaltura Goldman Sachs $50 million to finance PO

has become a popular occasion in the video, open video platform Kaltura from Goldman Strike while the iron is hot. raised $50 million at the same time, the company also announced that they will be IPO.


Kaltura is an open source video platform, founded in 2006, headquartered in New York, currently employs 450 people, of which 250 are located in Israel’s R & D center. The platform provides customized video, image and audio features that allow media companies and publishers to manage, analyze and monetize their online video. In addition, Kaltura also provides a set of API, can achieve transcoding, distribution and other functions.

Kaltura had previously been carried out in the 5 round of financing, financing amounted to $115 million, a round E round goes back to $47 million in 2014. This has been the exit mechanism of the news rumors the company is seeking to buy or IPO. In October last year, it was reported that Kaltura has hired Goldman Sachs to help raise more than $100 million in funding, in the form of IPO or perhaps further private investment. But this time Goldman Sachs is investing directly through its own Private Capital Investment group, which Kaltura calls the financing arrangement before IPO. After this round of financing, the total financing Kaltura has reached $165 million, there is news that the valuation of hundreds of millions of dollars level.

Kaltura did not give a specific time window on IPO, but said the money will be used to expand the scope of business in 6 continents.

Kaltura chairman and CEO Ron Yekutiel said in a statement:

video is breaking up – this is a popular type of data for communication, collaboration, teaching, marketing and entertainment. In the use of this huge business opportunities, Kaltura has a unique position, because it provides customers with a wide range of video products and capabilities.

yes, Kaltura cooperation organization from various industries, including Bank of America, Intel, SAP, Oracle, Groupon, Nestle, PHILPS, Viacom, Vodafone, HBO, Warner Brothers and Taghit, which paid business customers more than 1000, the average monthly visitors more than 700 million people. Perhaps it is because of this rich and varied customer list that Goldman Sachs the idea of direct investment.

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