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The seven weapons marketing at WeChat

mainly want to express a bit in the "seven weapons WeChat marketing" in the immortal sword, WeChat marketing can not be without thinking of greed, must play to each individual brand, need to do subtraction cohesion process, from the point of breakthrough, to be great.

at the same time, they received in my WeChat background many friends replied: does that mean we observe then, since I do subtraction, do less is not it? And now WeChat is a new product, we are feeling the stones, hit a lot of walls, always miss the point, always did not achieve the desired effect, are now going to withdraw the


on our observation, with today’s April 18, 2013 as the time reference point, this is the next 9-15 months is any industry any business any individual to do the golden age of WeChat marketing. After this stage, along with the game rules, experienced several waves of market reshuffle, the formation of giant Matthew industry, despite some niche industry, think later involvement in WeChat market opportunities and opportunities will become less and less.

so, feather conclusion is not pessimistic attitude and retreat, but also greater confidence to rapid response, especially on clear, it must be the suddenness of a thunderbolt to promote it, forming a moat speed advantage, beautiful blitz.

on this topic, the feather to talk about a few small stories around, do not talk about the trend, the truth.

Luo story

from the media inside, I personally like Luo Zhenyu’s logical thinking. The Luo in a crevice in the "80" story: in a time when the reporter, from a small airport to Beijing airport, had just opened a checkpoint, resulting in a long queue. So, the airport has opened a security checkpoint, the little girl will say hello: come and go, to the side to queue.

at this time, the original team of people’s mentality is very interesting.

at the end of the line of friends rushed to the newly opened directly without demur, checkpoint, in the front row.

the people in the queue are not moving, because vested interests, it is not necessary.

and the worst is the middle of the dial, they are not acts of agility, but the attitude of the moment of hesitation.

in the past, no confidence can be more than the current team,

not in the past, this front is still old long


hesitated to end, they found that no matter which team, both sides can only row in the tail.

you tell me, you are now in a team where


Zhang Zong’s story

the last time I went to a friend of the company, on the "clothing brand WeChat inventory program" and "C2B WeChat marketing solutions" and INS women’s products >

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