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Ebay optimistic about the prospects for classified advertising will be acquired in the global market

            on December 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, and is the largest classifieds site in Craigslist eBay said on Wednesday, to get more revenue from the category list, the company is working with the rest of the world’s website to discuss cooperation matters.

eBay CEO John · Donaho (John Donahoe) Wednesday said in an interview that the company is considering a small network of buyers and sellers welcome in the classified ads for the acquisition and the establishment of cooperative relations. EBay had previously sued the Craigslist, accusing the latter of unilateral dilution of 28.4% shares held by eBay, resulting in a dilution ratio of more than 10% shares. With the prosecution and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark (· Craig Newmark) and · CEO Jim buckmaster (Jim Buckmaster). Two per capita is Craigslist director.

currently, eBay in Denmark, Holland and other more than and 20 countries have classified sites. The company expects that from 2008 to 2011, revenue from classified ads will be doubled. EBay is taking the time to expand into the classified advertising market, ahead of a federal court in Delaware, which plans to hold a hearing on eBay’s case against Craigslist next week. Donaho said, we will be in the classified advertising market to take a more radical approach, whether through organic growth or acquisitions. We have the financial and the ability to conduct a proper acquisition. If we find opportunity, we will act."

Conflict between



in the eBay Craigslist court shortly after Craigslist, then to San Francisco California not resigned to playing second fiddle, the high court of eBay counterclaimed accused eBay of using unfair competition and copyright infringement, fraud, and by the name of Craigslist in Kijiji (Kijiji) advertising. This makes the conflict between eBay and Craigslist is fully exposed. Craigslist in the complaint asked eBay to return the Craigslist stake, or by the court deprived of its holdings. It also requires eBay to the income and fines.

5 years ago, eBay in the United States and Europe, the acquisition of classified advertising sites, including the acquisition of a minority stake in Craigslist. 2004, eBay has acquired Marktplaats, LoQuo and Gumtree and other sites. In 2005, eBay opened its own free classifieds site Kijiji in Europe and Asia nearly 12 countries and regions. Craigslist and eBa>

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