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Ali international station to upgrade the letter protects the seller can get $100 million

news February 27th, according to the international Alibaba was informed that the station on the upgrade before the credit guarantee service, the seller can receive a maximum of $1 million line of credit guarantee.

It is reported that

, the line of credit by the Alibaba according to the supplier in the international station on the basic information and trade transactions and other information and give comprehensive evaluation, to help suppliers to provide cross-border security to the buyer. It is worth noting that the supplier to complete a drawer and products in order to obtain pre pre show and the amount of protection.


after the completion of the transaction the buyer’s evaluation can be displayed on the site, to prove the company’s corporate credit and strength.

it is understood that the Alibaba had in February this year at the beginning of cross-border business launch credit guarantee services, establish similar to the Taobao diamond crown credit system China small sellers, "credit guarantee system" can be cumulative amount of the guarantee, the guarantee amount of export data, the Alibaba for the seller to provide the seller credit limit is greater, the higher the higher the level of integrity. The way of getting the data from the Alibaba, through a platform.

Alibaba credit protection product leader Wei Qiang introduction, currently on the Alibaba platform of China’s small and medium-sized sellers about 10, there are already more than 80 thousand applications to join the credit guarantee system.

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