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Under the new normal manufacturing enterprises how to move toward the air reverse O2O

the next step in China’s economic growth will be the growth of the main type of culvert, supplemented by extension, in this context, we also play an important role in the manufacturing sector. To quickly use the Internet technology transformation, rather than disruptive to create traditional manufacturing.

over the past two years, the face of the downward pressure on the world economy, China’s economy into the new normal, traditional manufacturing enterprises are in the winter. Meanwhile, in recent years, the explosive growth of the Internet has also brought a strong impact on the manufacturing sector, which makes a lot of private entrepreneurs into deep anxiety in transition.

from the two sessions to the just concluded Boao forum for Asia, on the Internet and traditional industries continue to heat up the topic of discussion. "Make" Internet plus "plan of action; the implementation of" 2025 Chinese manufacturing "and other words have been written to the government work report in 2015.

how traditional industries and the Internet integration, manufacturing industry how to upgrade to version 4 China? In the face of numerous private entrepreneurs transition demands and "Internet anxiety", on the weekend, hosted by a private think tank in the Wang Zhigang studio, Nanhai District of Foshan City Federation of industry and Commerce (chamber of Commerce) contractor, Guangdong SME Development Association, Zhi Gang will co 2015 grassroots spring conference, Foshan municipal government leaders and the Wang Zhigang studio team with nearly a thousand participants entrepreneurs to discuss this topic.

sample of private economy: Foshan next step how to go?

is known as China private enterprises in city of Foshan is the vanguard of reform and opening up China, once the "Shunde model" and the "China model" has become the development of private economy Chinese samples, 2014, Foshan scale industrial enterprises realized a total output value of 1 trillion and 880 billion yuan, the main business of industrial and commercial registration of 44 households, 95% are private for manufacturing enterprises, they Chinese thinking and transformation is worthy of reference.

booming private enterprises cannot do without government support, launched a trip to "the Foshan Municipal Committee Liu Yuelun said at the forum, Foshan’s" grassroots economy ", that is the characteristics of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is the characteristics of industrial clusters, a town industry, a town of a brand, dozens of Foshan town have their own brand, has its own characteristics of the product.

now, according to Liu Yuelun, the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in Foshan are towards the end, the main method is to make use of Internet and intelligent development, Foshan traditional enterprise transformation, the traditional industries to go high-end.

actively promote the development of private enterprises, the implementation of the integration of the two, Foshan forward to the industry’s 4. To help grassroots industrial development, Foshan has an important strategy, the introduction of leading enterprises in the project, the Foshan municipal government requires these leading projects more grassroots enterprises use parts. Recently, the introduction of Foshan CSR rail project, put forward the strategic goal of "made in Foshan, Foshan, Foshan car matching", the project is expected to 70% – 80% parts will be made by the local. Other industries, including automobiles, and equipment manufacturing

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