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Price war is more and more difficult in E-commerce

e-commerce is gradually changing people’s consumption and lifestyle. 10 years ago, bought a new dress you may consider the price, go to the restaurant to eat rice taste delicious to himself; but today, you can buy clothes more experience, more concerned about the fashion clothes and bring you confidence; and you go to a restaurant, you will choose a grade hotel. Even if these may have to spend several times the money, and you do not care, you have more and more dilute the concept of money, pay more attention to experience. Therefore, the concept of price is gradually being ignored, the value is what we care about.

e-commerce platform to change the traditional business model, through this medium, a common object is easy to be valuable. For example, 15 yuan a box of weight loss drugs can be sold on the network more than 200, but still easily accepted by the user, there are many people who know that this is the general store weight loss drugs. Why? Because the user needs is the value of experience, not care about the price. Price of 5000 yuan iPhone, in the end where the good? No one can compare the phone and apple, the problem is not the price of the key, but that the cultural value of the integration of iphone.

is another example, 2 adjacent teahouse, a teahouse with such signs: business to XX and another teahouse!: free drink West Lake boutique in Longjing! I think that most people will not go to the second drink free tea, this is the direct embodiment of the value of


through the above examples, we can see that: the price war will die out, especially in e-commerce, price war more and more powerless!

why the price war will appear

The essence of

business is to do business, the purpose of the sale is profitable, profitable means of marketing, businessmen do business is profitable, successful marketing needs:

1 market products;

2 effective sales channel;

3 customer

under the traditional business model, the product needs to go through: manufacturers (producers) – General Agent – regional agents – wholesalers – retailers – user

manufacturers optimistic about a product, take out the test, in this mode, selling products sales means different, but uneven in quality, the product is almost no value of the package, the naked display to the user, the retailer for profit, can only rely on price war! "/p>

why the price war will gradually withdraw from the stage?

1 is not short of money, the value of the price.

2 e-commerce has changed the traditional business model;

sales channels in the traditional business model in the narrow, inadequate. The network marketing has impacted the traditional marketing pattern, becomes the most effective sales channel, in order to enhance the competition, the market subdivides, the production >

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