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2014-2015 Global Retail Theft barometer


‘s latest global retail theft barometer found Chinese retail shrink, annual retail loss equivalent to an annual average of $104 for Chinese family, is one of the largest proportion of employees caused by dishonesty, shoplifting, the proportion is still large.

November 4, 2015 –

survey found that the participation in the Global Retail Theft barometer of the ordinary retail respondents based on two-year in Chinese, including for shoplifting, loss of retail employees or suppliers and management fraud, errors from 2013 to 0.87% in 2014 rose to 2014 from 1.35% – 2015.

on a global scale, compared with 0.94% of the previous year’s average retailers surveyed, the figure rose to about $1.42%.

retailer said that a series of factors, including challenging retail environment, so that they take the austerity measures to reduce the loss of investment. This, coupled with high unemployment and limited monitoring of internal theft tools, as well as inventory differences, further exacerbating their losses.

According to

, Chinese shoppers take on or are forced to accept losses from retailers, averaging $104 per household.

This study was funded by the

checkpoint Systems Inc. (NYSE:CKP) a study independently funded, 2014 to 15 years was carried out by Smart Cube and Ernie Deyle retail security analyst. Between 2014 and 2015, in-depth telephone conversations with more than more than and 200 retailers in nearly 1 trillion of the countries in the world, and the formation of the report on the basis of a written survey interview.

seasonal comparison

from the seasonal point of view, the respondents in the Asia Pacific region, said their annual loss occurs in winter, followed by spring, autumn and winter.

retail vertical industry comparison

Asia Pacific clothing stores (1.74%), large supermarkets / hypermarkets supermarkets and department stores (1.51%) (1.40%), the retailer because of internal and external retail theft is becoming increasingly popular, the biggest loss suffered.

shoplifting and theft

in fact, of the 24 countries surveyed in 18 countries, the biggest reason is the loss of retail shoplifting, in Chinese shoplifting, ranked first, accounting for the total loss of 55%, while dishonest employee theft caused by the loss of 28%. Because of the existence of organized retail crime, through online website easy to sell stolen goods, and in terms of tools and resources to reduce input and shoplifting is generally considered a "low risk / non aggressive" crime has serious problems, shoplifting will continue to plague the retail industry.

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