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Rural entrepreneurship should not be closed

(text / Jiang Bojing)

recently, a netizen on the QQ message, I hope I can do something for him. He said: "I would like to ask you to help me, please help me to send an e-mail can you? You can look at the contents of the mail, and then decide whether or not to send, please. I would like to do in my hometown (rural Taobao). I wrote an e-mail, I do not know who to send, I have to ask you to see if you can do me a favor."

I read his mail, is a letter to Ali rural Taobao Division letter, similar to the "letter". Here, I omitted some of the officialdom of the official kind of text, specific names and the name of the user, the letter of the contents of a brief excerpt.

his home is in Henan, located in Shandong and Henan provinces at the junction of county development is very rapid in recent years, people’s living standard has been greatly improved, acceptance of online shopping. There are a lot of people shop in Taobao at the same time, (the county) also has the specialty can be sold through the network such as tofu, Moumou, Moumou Roasted Chicken air guns, clothing etc.. If you can do a pilot in the county, you can drive the surrounding area as soon as possible to complete the layout of rural Taobao."

himself in the Internet industry in Beijing has been 10 years, the recent emergence of the idea of returning home entrepreneurship". He wrote: "I noticed that the country attaches great importance to the rural electricity supplier, and the Alibaba also announced its entry into the rural electricity supplier, combined with the actual situation, I decided to start to determine the direction of e-commerce in rural areas, and rural Taobao is undoubtedly a good choice. Although now, the rural Taobao in Henan has not officially started, but I still want to take the initiative to seize the opportunity to take our county Party secretary told me that sentence, to seize the initiative."

he said their local government supports him to do e-commerce, "in a meeting with US Secretary of the county, I mentioned the need to come back to business, do rural electronic commerce secretary encouraged me to seize the initiative, and said the county government will vigorously support, and specify the main tube of electronic commerce, county Bureau of Commerce Director, director of the county office with my butt, let me have the need to direct this with several leaders, and the county also introduced about the development of electronic commerce, can be said to the county government on the development of rural e-commerce has great determination. This is more determined to do my own determination to do e-commerce in rural areas".

finally, he said in the letter of his true purpose: I hope that the leadership of the Ministry of industry to support me as soon as possible into the rural areas of Henan County, so that e-commerce really benefit the people of my hometown."

I do not know whether the user is also similar to the electricity supplier such as Jingdong wrote a letter, but because of this letter, I have a few ideas about rural electricity supplier.

first: the development of rural e-commerce must have the support of the local government, and the local government officials must also have a sense of internet. Otherwise, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger. Currently, whether it is Jingdong or Taobao, have gone with the local government cooperation

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