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E-commerce innovation social networking site new money scene


meets the social networking site of electronic commerce will bear the fruits of what? It has been given the answer: profit has been plagued social networking site temporarily finally found a lucrative export, so many traffic problems found by earnings are of value in use mode. But for e-commerce, this new combination is undoubtedly a breakthrough and innovation, compared with the traditional B2C and the combination of independent websites and social networking sites to have new customers to expand the channels, to promote the products of the use of social networking sites in a reliable and loyal friend relationship, and continuous innovation a variety of marketing methods, let the electronic commerce this pattern continued to glow with vitality.

both for the happy net,, the white society in the traditional SNS website for operators in the form of social station, or to rely on a variety of local SNS community personal webmaster and grassroots team, means can get profit from the new channel combined with electronic commerce, Why not?? the key is how to better carry out this combination, find the most suitable for their own, is the most efficient conversion mode.

first, the advantages of social networking sites to carry out e-commerce

social networking site is as everyone knows, the advantage is that it contains many of the number of users, especially the relationship between users to friends and friends are mutually linked up between them, compared with the general unfamiliar users have more trust, the trust and reputation effect became better in the recommended products and the brand, can greatly improve the conversion rate, driven by consumption among friends. Thus, the most important thing in the development of social networking sites should be the use of this kind of trust between friends, with the word of mouth to promote marketing.

also can not be ignored, and the social networking site "personality characteristics", whether it is a natural person, or the business enterprise, can have a separate account with the image of a natural person, and then carry out social activities. For businesses, it can get rid of the past is difficult to get rid of the cold image, with a more close to the customers and customers closer to the distance between, in order to get more favor, make the brand more popular, conducive to the promotion and marketing of the subsequent success.

two, e-commerce in social networking sites take the form of

e-commerce into social networking sites, it is necessary to take the form of innovation in order to maximize its effect to play. This is one of the most commonly used in the use of personalized business accounts to carry out a variety of activities, through the increase of friends, to recommend friends in the form of activities to extract lucky to be rewarded. To drive between users on social networking sites to help businesses brand communication, so business marketing play more deeply, the trust relationship between users friends, let more realistic reputation and trust, as the reality of the product marketing brand identity based.

for social networking sites

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