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How to do the traditional building materials household electricity supplier

is now rampant in the Internet era, the traditional building materials industry is also increasingly felt the impact of Internet companies.

online group buying, buying, as well as online reputation on the line of business sales performance, has begun to affect the sales of some of the traditional big name business. But in the face of such a broad prospect of home building materials market, and even such a large platform Taobao did not hand over a satisfactory sales report card. Traditional home building materials enterprises in the electricity supplier on the Internet this way how to go, how to go, where to go. The following author gives some suggestions for your reference:

1, the positioning of the model determines the future of your corporate brand, but it is a long time to accumulate reputation will be effective. The characteristics of the decoration industry determines. It is a "low profile, high involvement" industry. The user’s desire to buy does not always stay in this industry, which led to the industry reputation accumulated itself than ordinary industry reputation the cumulative effect of lower and more long, and also need to do Internet online time accumulation, as Taobao did ten years before today that the internet word-of-mouth influence. The 2 need to industry characteristics of long time accumulation, decided to accumulate building materials business platform Home Furnishing word-of-mouth, it needs to get rid of the traditional business model and way of thinking, decided to go Home Furnishing building materials electricity supplier must combine online and offline. Online education users, offline user experience turnover or line experience, online transaction is not a bad idea.

2, build

platform, the business value of interest, let the business is difficult to do a long-term focus on a platform, this time we need a strong platform to help traditional businesses to send the first Home Furnishing work fine do. Combined with the line such as the Nanchang every family decoration group purchase business enterprise, the mode of development is under the line of powerful Home Expo to promote online resource based on startup. And the platform is certainly the first to build a comprehensive coverage, and then slowly in-depth refinement.

The construction of

3, the team and first-class personal, less than a second rate team, because a person’s energy is limited, and the team’s resources, can make up for a personal defect. And then the Internet team must have a good understanding of the traditional home improvement industry. Do not understand the Internet home improvement industry team is doing well in the business of business Home Furnishing.

finally, in addition to the above points, there are a lot of home improvement electricity supplier need to pay attention to several aspects, such as business services, user experience, as well as channels to expand cooperation. Only the above links are done, the home appliance business will go smoother. The above information from Nanchang every family network WAN Yue blog, please indicate the source. Thank you!

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