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Using domain alias records (CNAME) multi domain management easy to pole!

In March this year,

CNNIC (Chinese Internet Network Information Center) launched the.CN domain name first year registered 1 yuan fee policy, greatly promoted the domestic domain name registration volume growth, more and more people have their own domain name, especially some personal webmaster friends and some minon (domain name investors dubbed) friends, or even dozens of, hundreds of hands, even thousands of domain name.

as a webmaster, especially many do many site owners, the hands of the domain name has many even do not know! How to manage so many names? This should be the most difficult thing for many webmaster! It is not necessary so I bring you a headache, the multi domain management easy and efficient way and using skills of


1. Use the domain name alias records (CNAME), so that multi domain management easy to the extreme!

alias record (CNAME): also known as the canonical name. This record allows you to map multiple names to the same computer. A computer that is commonly used to provide both WWW and MAIL services. For example, there is a computer named "" (A). It also provides WWW and MAIL services, in order to facilitate user access services. You can set two aliases (CNAME):WWW and MAIL for this computer. The full name of the two aliases is "" and """. In fact they all point to "". The same method can be used when you have multiple domain names to refer to the same IP server, you can be a domain name A server IP will then record pointing to other domain name aliases to do before A record of the domain name server, so when your IP address changes when you do not have a a name change to the trouble only need to change the name of the other A records do alias the domain name is automatically changed to point to the new IP address.

two. Use the domain name alias record (CNAME), so that your domain name is no longer snail.

as everyone knows, DNS server to resolve many domestic domain registrar effect is slow, it brings trouble to many people, when the site need to replace the IP or other must re analysis of domain name, if there are a large number of sites, the first problem is multi domain analysis, we can easily solve the first skill! But for the effective rate, estimated by ordinary analysis we will not be able to resolve the


in fact, we can use the domain name alias (CNAME) to achieve the purpose of accelerating the use of alternative analysis. First we’d better choose a domain name such as, the domain name will be transferred abroad (recommended: ENom) registered business platform, analysis speed and domestic registrar is not a two level difference, then the other domain >

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