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Electric spring war, who came out on top

Qingming Festival, is "good season spring" listing. Unlike in previous years, the background in the "Internet" warming, this year the electricity supplier eyeing the spring market, especially Tmall and Jingdong in the spring on the secret rivalry, then more

who came out on top?.

Jingdong is a Jingdong launched the first session of the Spring Festival, the highest "fold" promotional efforts, but made the spring promotion. At the same time, an official partner of the Jingdong and West Lake Longjing Tea, Yi Fu Hui, Lu Zhenghao, Wen Xin, six other brands, launched in Longjing, Mao Feng tea, Maojian tea.

whether it is Tmall, or Jingdong, will be on the layout of the tea category on the origin of tea cooperation. In the case of Jingdong, from the beginning of June last year, Jingdong held by investment conference, autumn festival, spring forum, tea merchants and tea deep hinterland, cooperation, expand the tea market.

According to the

Economic Research Office of national tea industry technology system of the national 12 city 24247 questionnaires statistics show that consumer preferences are: Tieguanyin tea category 17.29%, Longjing 15.9%, 12.97% ordinary Green Tea Spring Snail Jasmine Tea, 11.4%, 9.06%, 7.6% Pu’er Tea; from the tea consumption regions, respectively 9.8%, 17%, Tieguanyin 17%, share for first in the southern, northern and Western market. Among them, Anxi Tieguanyin origin of military electricity providers to become a hotly contested spot, the year 2014 Anxi tea business turnover of over 2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 1/5 of the country, holds the top spot in the tea business.

Jingdong in June last year to enter Anxi, jointly organized by the Anxi county government investment conference, attracting local tea merchants settled. In October, Jingdong even for Anxi Tieguanyin Tea ordereda Festival: "autumn festival". These measures provide a good harvest in the world, the peak tea shop as an example, from the Jingdong’s sales have increased from 5% to 30%; another business Qi Tong tea may show tea merchants to choose the Jingdong reason from the side: "in recent years, consumption is compared, Jingdong and Tmall two the platform of consumer groups, less overlap, layout of Jingdong platform, can occupy the market heights, to further tap the customer resources, rapid increase of product sales, enterprises bigger and stronger." In view of these businesses, Jingdong have more high-end users, especially with the increasingly important mobile terminal, with Tencent from the resources of the Jingdong, in the WeChat mobile phone, QQ and other aspects of resources so that businesses can achieve leveraging in the mobile terminal.

is also a concern for the quality of the business is another reason for Jingdong. Anxi Tieguanyin Tea in a few years ago when he was on the net.

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