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SF officially opened the sea Amoy fortune sea Amoy

cross-border electricity supplier, fuunsaiki! Yesterday, SF’s cross-border electricity – SF sea Amoy officially announced the brand name in the middle of this month, the opening of the new brand "Feng Qu sea Amoy, the official use of the new domain name, and hired Zhong Hanliang as fortune sea Amoy spokesman, the upgrade of mobile terminal


hot four aunt PK veteran Larry station which mainstream terminal


SF SF building belongs to the sea Amoy cross-border project, founded in January 2015, by the Shanghai holding interest Network Technology Co. company, is part of SF EXPRESS company’s cross-border electricity supplier website. At the beginning of the establishment has been using the 4 letter domain name, which corresponds to the domain name brand in his spelling. The announced the brand will be renamed "Feng Qu sea Amoy, why would enable Shuangpin domain name, giving up four initials

domain name?According to the

fortune sea Amoy CEO Ren Xiaoyu introduced the electricity supplier brand name is in order to get rid of the original brand image of logistics, remodeling of sea Amoy brand gene; two is because the name brand positioning platform, that will bring fortune sea Amoy surprises life interesting to the user.


domain name varieties, whether it is the 4 letter domain name or domain name spelling, I’m afraid not Larry domain. Recently, four aunt unusually hot, gradually become the mainstream of the domain name investment market, but only on the value of the investment. The final destination is the terminal station of the domain name, domain name is 4 letter character short, easy to remember, both general Larry, but its significance is diverse, and terminal brand correlation is relatively limited, and is not in line with the Chinese phonetic writing habits. from the domain name Larry domain varieties is corresponding to the sea Amoy "Feng Feng Qu Qu", consistent with the meaning of brand, but also with the Pinyin input habits and memory habits of users. From the meaning of the domain name and the platform positioning with the electronic business platform. From the station value, rather than the old Larry domain now hot 4 initial domain, most terminal uses the 4 initial station, due to double the scarcity of resources, the price is too high, use only a matter of expediency, but now the cross-border electricity supplier competition fierce, "the real thing" can not fight in the best


‘s business frequency domain name, the boss on the road outside the SF domain name storm

changed its name into SF sea Amoy fortune sea amoy. Its business platform name, transform domain name, this is not the first time the sf. SF, wind, but the storm continued domain name protection. Early in May this year, SF’s O2O project was officially renamed Shunfeng hey SF home. But it did not use the new domain name site, the corresponding three spelling domain name is not in the hands of. Before using the official domain name simply jump directly to SF preferred page.

is the preferred SF SF’s 12 years to set up high-end delicacy based business platform, the domain name is enabled in >

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