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Wine us CEO Yide Lu vertical electric providers need to learn the traditional curriculum

double 11 although more than half of the past, but for the vertical electricity supplier who said, then more embarrassing, because at this moment, they are more in the clear inventory.

interestingly, in the past, mainly to clear inventory is defined function of online channels under the line of traditional brands just contact network, vertical electric providers have been able to develop rapidly in the short term, because the more "user experience" on the very place. How to control the cost and improve the efficiency of the supply chain to control the cost, etc..

capital cold winter arrival, vertical electric providers are suddenly found before advocated "user experience" more and more like a castles in the air, because there is no effective cost control, "user experience" is like a bottomless pit, it occupies a large number of funds, devouring business already meager profits.

this time, traditional business thinking advantage is known: basically any establishment of a certain well-known traditional brand, have the brand premium equivalent, and the supply chain system is perfect, the cost advantage. It is interesting that this piece in the past for quite a long time is the short board electricity supplier.

are normal when the electricity supplier as a company, to provide users with beyond their ability to low-priced products and services and the corresponding "user experience", the "user experience" the advantage is no longer. At this point, the user starts to support those who can provide appropriate "products" and "service" of the traditional brand, the brand began in the traditional network channels, and gradually occupy the advantage, which will undoubtedly further up vertical electricity supplier market space. The most obvious is that this year, "double 11", Tmall sales of the top ten brands, of which there are 9 seats from the traditional brand.

but now have electricity supplier start cramming for this course. For example, the U.S. wine wine electricity supplier with the help of the so-called "sixth European empire" said the financial giants Rothschild family, the white horse Zhuang Zhuang’s main Leibu Kazakhstan, Chateau Lafite, traditional and Mu Tong, Obiang, Bai Cuisi, France has established direct cooperation.

is different from the past, this cooperation is not a price war as a precondition, but more emphasis on cooperation with the strongest on the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises, in exchange for the recognition of the industry circle. With this recognition, the electricity supplier who can get more support on the industrial chain partners, and the establishment of an effective supply chain system. Meanwhile, the electricity supplier companies can also recognize this radiation to consumers, allowing users to more trusted platform.

Lv Yide, a former U.S. wine CEO, CTO, 1999 to get involved in e-commerce, e-commerce as one of the earliest practitioners, has a unique view for vertical electricity supplier.

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