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Free Tokelau (.TK) top-level domain application

              a few years ago, a large number of Web site users to apply for free two level domain name, to their own personal home page, a small site for personalized web site. But a few years later, the original free two class domain name service website is off, turn the item. Free is a good thing, but free to influence small webmaster has been that the publicity and promotion of the original hard to vanish like soap bubbles, all the others to do the wedding.
              in recent years, the prices are popular in the domain name registration, a ".COM" domain name ".CN" be not at all surprising, one yuan a year to China small webmaster addicted. But a dollar, you have to pay, not to mention the domain name is not a good record. Colleagues said: if you want to register a.CN domain name, with your fingers to the keyboard to knock two plus a.CN, are registered…… Hey, this time can also understand the meaning of China’s population.
              following the introduction of a personality top-level domain name, but free ah……. Now I want to register for a free two level domain compatriots can first stop, look at my article and then decide your actions:
              I apply for the /> :
              well, we started to apply for free Tokelau (.TK):
  application website:             open the home page, click on the "Web Domain" button, fill in you want to apply for a web site; (figure, I fill in the "0435")


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