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Look at the event marketing hype and borrowing from the electricity supplier price war

August 15th, provoked by Jingdong mall, Gome and Suning Appliance price war started. Around a lot of friends said that the Gome and Suning electricity supplier made fat. Jingdong as the leader of the domestic B2C, Gome and Suning this kind of electricity supplier rookie war, it is to give the face of the Soviet union. Yes, a subsidiary of Gome, Gome and Suning’s Kuba, is the electricity supplier rookie. However, they are under the line field channel Lawrence, Jingdong than country Su is also a rookie.

in fact, for the three party, this is not a completely profit. Gome and Suning is the traditional home appliance distribution chiefs, and Jingdong mall is the leader of 3C electricity supplier. From their respective channels, are the dominant role. Jingdong mall this challenge is the United States and Suning line, and the United States and the Soviet Union but the war is on the line, the three parties are actually very aware of their own long attack the short. The price under the state of the Soviet Union, is certainly not comparable with Jingdong mall, otherwise they may lose underwear. Jingdong can not be compared with the state of the Soviet Union online, because they are focused on the procurement of online and offline, manufacturers are more helpless than Jingdong. As for that, Haier broke Jingdong goods, I think it is a smoke bomb, who knows true and false?

later said, according to public opinion monitoring over marketing planning agencies, the local media did not give it three good face, are fundamental to the negative. Hunan, "urban time" in Hunan province is very high ratings program, to three of the price war made a survey, found that three is actually not what substantive action. However, the three really earn enough eyeballs. Open any network media, it is not difficult to find the price war in the home news. Almost all of the local TV channels, city newspapers, can see three price war news. Smoke filled the air, the exposure of each country is unprecedented.

to stir Jingdong, Suning and Gome, this is an event marketing, let three of the electricity supplier known. This is a campaign. However, this is not the three beneficiary, as well as fast and easy net, Tmall has no direct participation in the enterprise, they can be described as an occasion to do marketing. Visit the home of easy fast network, the smell of gunpowder thicker than the other three. Although, many products only easy fast network, in other sites may not find parity. However, easy fast network to participate in this war, it is the identity of the first echelon to participate, many users do not know Yi Xun before, and now also know the easy fast network.

recently thought of marketing planning agencies to do a survey and found that many users do not know the Midwest easy fast network. Of course, many users now take the initiative to mention Yi Xun network. Students think marketing planning agencies found that the home appliance price war, easy fast network attention is high frequency, by many users mentioned. Although they are not the main area of fast and easy network users, but they began to know that there is a website called easy fast network, participated in Jingdong, Suning, Gome price war. And, less easy fast network, the price war seems to have no way to play >

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