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nventory Breakthrough electricity supplier O2O three key

in the sharing of the economic market environment, the traditional industry and the retail industry will face a new revolution, O2O as an old model to the electricity supplier to instill new blood. How to do a good job in the electricity supplier O2O electricity supplier practitioners to discuss the most problems. The key point is to break through the electricity supplier O2O mobile payment, user experience and traffic conversion rate, etc..

first point: to integrate online and offline

for the current electricity supplier industry, the user experience is the key point of the development of the electricity supplier O2O line, the user experience is not high under the line, then directly declared that you failed. So now more and more people begin to improve the line experience, like the furniture store experience, Taobao launched line flagship stores, shops and even shop under the banner of the shop even discounted net, however, the situation is still not No one shows any interest in.

the reason why this happens, or because of the integration of online and offline is not good, if only pure broken line to the line, it is useless. In the mobile Internet era, pie in the sky is not there, the key is to use big data provider O2O, master of your area distribution, age structure, consumption habits and local customs and practices for precision marketing, so. Of course, this is not a short-term project, the need for long-term accumulation, the accumulation process to optimize the user experience.

second points: the use of mobile payment range

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the user access to information quickly, so cast O2O is the future of tomorrow, but in O2O mode, the payment is crucial to the success of the transaction, and this has become the key to the important role of the successful integration of online and offline.

mobile payment is based on the mobile Internet, relying on the huge user base and user demand for smart phones generated. But it is not widely used, why? Because it is not formed a system, there are no available standard, most of the third party platform because the interests can not reach consensus, it is difficult to specify the payment standard, as a result of offline businesses cannot update equipment to support emerging payment; but payment security and risk control considerations is not enough, because the payment product confusion, a lot of the product itself is not mature on the market, resulting in market prospect is not clear, the threshold is high, so the real integration of online and offline or have a certain degree of difficulty.

third: flow conversion rate to be improved

interactive online and offline, the test is the electricity supplier industry to do the "creative" in the interaction, there are many websites before trial, but scanty finally left, because most online experience and commitment of the entities under the line experience is not equal, then the user will be less commercial, slowly do not go. So, do not regard the consumer as a fool, do not put real blood is not attracted to the user, but also can not keep the user. Traffic attracted, and the rest is the conversion rate, which is also very important, this is an enterprise can survive >

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