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Electric cars with traditional channel mode at

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following PC, mobile phones, tablet and home appliances, the next space in the invasion of the Internet?.

Google and Tesla are trying to change the inherent ecosystem of the automotive industry. A use of artificial intelligence and big data technology to try to achieve autopilot; a use of the Internet to reconstruct the thinking of the automotive production system, in order to counter traditional thinking to create a pure electric vehicle. But today, the unmanned Google system is still in the experimental stage, it will cross the distance commercial facilities, policies and regulations and barriers, Tesla’s sales are still in the stage of twenty thousand or thirty thousand years, to join the club to sales across the numerous hills and streams.

in China, Tencent tries to use the future car windows as an embedded smart screen. Baidu and Ford jointly sponsored programming marathon, attract geeks to create more cars for the application of science and technology. IFLYTEK, High German map respectively in speech recognition and map navigation to seek a breakthrough. Operators Unicom is also deeply involved in the BMW Internet driving project. More and more small and medium technology start-ups trying to build a new ecosystem through the car networking business. But there is no doubt that we have to work with car manufacturers, they must accept the existing automotive product quality standards, production ideas and the rhythm of the replacement. Undoubtedly, the car factory will continue to dominate the industry chain in the next period of time.

more and more signs that science and technology enterprises to break the traditional mode of car prices and constraints, but also need more patience, to subvert the existing car production patterns and product forms will be more difficult than imagined. A careful study of ecological chain of automotive products, I feel more and more, the first car and the Internet spark will be born in marketing and distribution, customer service service links it.

The reason

is very realistic, in terms of circulation and service change interests car factory, at least not seem to put your life out of leather, put the world over to others. The car factory, it is difficult to settle the contradiction of interest it gradually with the traditional line dealer, the structural problems of the consumption habits of users and commodities circulation and online transactions, reduce the risk of changes brought about by the. In fact, the car factory than anyone else is more aware of the urgency of the reform of the circulation of sales.

4S monopoly mode in the past

is based on the positioning of the car as a rarity or luxury format, the car needs to be given added value, the car needs to look noble, people in the eyes of the car have been given too much emotional elements in them, it is a bit like I have to wear a watch. Is not just a simple means of transport, it is a symbol of status. But now the situation is slowly changing, most cars will gradually return to its own value as a tool, external value will be greatly reduced the level of emotion, external form, it no longer needs a five star of the elegant environment, carrying the owner to unnecessary and overelaborate formalities spiritual needs. < >

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