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From the floating dry to calm do remember Taobao customer mentality

has been on the Taobao website for two months now. Also slowly have some income, my mood is also from the beginning of the dry to calm now: the following is my experience of this time, to share with you:

first from the promotion of choice of products:

A. to choose reputable businesses, it is best to have Taobao mall. Products have a good beer. Because the ultimate goal is to produce Taobao consumer behavior. There is no customer base or reputation basis, it is difficult to promote it, and large brand businesses tend to have a broad mass base, for their own recognition of the brand users tend to be more willing to buy.

two. Product user’s attention and media attention to high. This can be through the Baidu index, and GOOGLE keyword tool for the query, if there is a brand Baidu index, and can reach hundreds of search volume, basically have the conditions for promotion.

four. The Commission of the product is high, the Commission is high, but Taobao is certainly the first choice of weight loss products, cosmetics and clothing.

talk about the construction of Taobao website:

1. More focus on the site, less concerned about income

is the ultimate goal of Taobao is to get revenue. But if you only focus on income, money will be more and more far away from. For example, every day I first went to check the income of the mom, see no income of the whole people are very upset. As the saying goes, "eat hot tofu", when I focus on the site, in accordance with their own plans to update the website, people have become a lot of calm. Slowly also have income. Ask yourself what is the value of the site, what can bring to the user how to do their own site to do better?.

two.. to have long-term planning

is the site ready for a month, three months, or a year?. Only if you stick to your plan for a long time, you will succeed. Believe that pay will be rewarded, but how much depends on how much you pay.

above is some of my experience, I hope to give you help, but also motivate yourself to keep moving forward!


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