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On the speculation during the promotion of Jingdong

familiar with online shopping friends all know that some time ago the 6.18 anniversary of the Jingdong, held the 6.18 anniversary activities is in the field of electronic business was a huge success. Not only the field of 3C appliances across the board itself, but also the traffic support books, clothing and other products line. Perhaps the next 6.18 days, do not promote Jingdong, I believe that the love of online shopping friends can not help but to browse the official purchase of Jingdong. Because this 6.18 has been left behind in the hearts of consumers the meaning of a holiday, an electronic business platform to benefit consumers of the grand festival.

According to micro-blog

broke the news, Jingdong in 6.18 anniversary of a union of more than and 850 businesses for hundreds of millions of consumers to provide free cash coupons, diamonds, gold and other more high value commodity. At that time, numerous consumer panic buying commodity Jingdong, scene awfully. Who knows after a few days, the Jingdong found a suspicious mall official from their own management background. That is, after the investigation is a small number of dealers to make use of the great efforts to promote Jingdong malicious orders, resulting in the number of orders for some illegal accounts far more than the number of orders for normal users. So Jingdong official decided not to let the merchant shipping to these speculators, and illegal orders have been forced to cancel. It is understood that the contents of these illegal orders show the vast majority of diamonds and gold.


said at the beginning, a business platform can set off such a big action on the Internet, that is no move with no predecessors after. This strategy is good, but the tactical believe that the initial planning of the promotion of Jingdong in the market after the test is bound to appear a little defective. As mentioned in the first paragraph, a small number of dealers through promotional opportunities to engage in speculative activities, this is not arranged properly, but also sounded the alarm for Jingdong. According to statistics, if the Jingdong in accordance with the common sense to these speculative dealers to send goods, then Jingdong will be at least as much as ten million yuan loss. And the terms of the transaction can be clearly seen in Jingdong, the object of the transaction is limited to the end of the consumer, rather than dealers.

"fish in troubled waters" throughout, the social reality, even if you and I in the face of interest will be a bit shaken. Jingdong mall after the episode, I think the internal will certainly be positive reflection, through rigorous thinking and business rules of the game to promote the activities of the rules of the game system. There is no dealer for some illegal shipments, but also illustrates the scientific analysis of Jingdong in their own management system to occupy an advantage, at least before the delivery of the investigation and the exception, reducing their unnecessary losses. A friend said that if micro-blog in foreign countries, I believe that some companies will recognize the loss of. So it caused a false impression that this situation can be paid.

Jingdong according to official statistics, although these speculative dealers in diamonds, gold and other high value goods at several orders, but the number of Jingdong for huge orders is just a drop in the bucket, so the overall is relatively stable. And the matter of Jingdong mall merchants and consumers did not affect. Although a >

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