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Talking about how to buy is dead

24 coupons eventually fell, some say 24 stamp down filled with many accidental factors, but I want to say is all chance events behind must have its inevitable push factors, history has always been so


remember I wrote an article written in the "24" before the ticket falls in the last year, when 24 vouchers mentioned some problems exist, I think Chinese and group purchase website fading process cause of the failure is nothing more than this, and I can be summed up in one word: group purchase hot, and then rush on like a swarm of hornets. Because of the limited market capacity of the start price war, stop burning, and then diluted to attract investors founder shares, investors eventually was kidnapped, then investors do not want to continue to invest, the site difficult to continue, finally went bankrupt.

buy is a very clear and clear electricity supplier model, but the collapse of the group is also very clear, at a glance. But is this really the case? Or is it really just that? I’ve learned a lot of things through a period of visits.

several major buy site to find the same organization brush Baidu index

is the largest Chinese Baidu search engine, is also the main Chinese users is traffic entrance, while the corresponding index, Baidu became the industry and enterprise are hot wind vane, so businesses have the idea to play to the Baidu index on the head.

but there is a funny thing is that due to the high content of Baidu index brush technology, the company has not mastered this technology more than 3. The most popular time to buy, China’s several major group buying sites have been looking for the same company in Shandong brush Baidu index, a time to let search engines and Internet users think that these sites are the most popular buy site. The responsibility is to buy the site to buy the index number of these companies have mastered the pricing right, earn pots full bowl full.

we think an industry did not make money, but some parasitic enterprises in this industry to make money, to the healthy development of this industry? The final results are true for such marketing group purchase website company to pay its effect does not match the funds, but due to lack of funds for their plight.

collusion corruption

sometimes it is not the enemy, but the one who beats himself. Chinese always love collusion, encroach on public resources fatten themselves. However, let us investigate the reasons for the purchase of internal corruption, can be used to manage the four words to describe. The reason for poor management is because the pace is too fast, too fast to pull the eggs to the.

has a regional manager who buys a website to talk to a restaurant. Originally 20 yuan can get the package, but he bought the site on behalf of the restaurant owner opened a price of $25. The trick is that he will form a restaurant owner and put 5 yuan extra offensive and defensive alliance, out secretly into, so even if the 55, each package will have 2.5 yuan into the manager’s private purse.


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