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To our dead youth what brings us to a different path

Hello everyone, I am grassroots brother, today we talk about ideas. All of you are the same as the grassroots brother for Internet entrepreneurs, in order to pursue our dreams and struggling in the Internet, but never give up our initial dream. But the same as grassroots entrepreneurs, but we are in the field of subdivision, thinking and entrepreneurial philosophy has a great difference, the difference is very obvious, what makes us go on a different road?

grassroots brother has a brother, is in high school to get to know, at that time, we have a very strong interest in the internet. In the ready to age, we all want to make a pot of gold in the Internet, in order to achieve their own value, with the words now entrepreneurship. Long term concern cool shoes must have roots heard this story, but once again repeat this grassroots brother.



first, we delve into the hacker technology, free to kill, invasion, broiler, traffic, horse, scan for keywords vulnerability is our daily living. Under the long-term research and exploration, we slowly on the hacker underground industry chain have a preliminary understanding, of course, we also through our interest in solving our daily expenses, this is the story, we initially grow obviously, we have been very happy, very substantial.

but with China to suppress the hacker industry, coupled with a number of so-called Daniel went in, the whole industry is full of a sense of crisis, and then continue to do it, I am afraid I do not know when they will go in. The crisis with the sense of crisis forced us to leave the hacker underground industry, it is a we have the survival of the soil, and more importantly, this is the birthplace of our dreams. Our initial dream is through the Internet to earn a pot of gold, obviously, in the hacker industrial chain it is difficult for us to do it anymore, but in order to keep our dreams, we decided to do some relatively safe industry. But that is where we slowly move towards differentiation.

has been the grassroots entrepreneurial thinking is brother, take the safe and stable route, according to the needs of users to achieve a breakthrough in the first project, and then expand into the ecosystem, to create ecological system, to further expand their business, the idea before many articles have mentioned. And the roots of the brother brother thought is, the grass-roots entrepreneurs, they should seize the opportunistic, to drill hole. After the honeymoon, this is our initial disagreement, at this time, grassroots brother has been vaguely felt, we will appear in the follow-up more conflicts and differences, because there have been differences in mind.

of course, we just moved out from hackers in the industry, we have the next thing to do is to find a piece of fertile ground for us to live. After understanding, we come to the word "grassroots", in this field, many of them by doing and build up the family fortunes shoes, children’s shoes must be originally chosen because of this reason into this one.

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