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Amoy most activities follow the social tide of e-commerce

China today, e-commerce has become a hot spot. Now there are a lot of companies or individuals are among e-commerce, to establish a variety of B2C or C2C shop. As the first free B2C independent online shop platform, my shop has become a lot of companies and individuals to start the journey of B2C. In order to repay the majority of members of the "my shop" has long been the concern and support. "I shop" held the Amoy wdwd activities in October, the Amoy members participate in wdwd activities will have the opportunity to get "my shop" to provide 100 yuan or the equivalent Mobile Recharge Card q-coins.

e-commerce, social SNS has been the rapid development of the Internet industry two. There is no doubt that after the introduction of micro-blog, favored by the majority of Internet users, has become the most popular social networking sites. And my shop operator is also established on the Sina micro-blog belongs to my shop – shop platform world. When my shop held a new event, open a new feature, will be the first time on micro-blog release information. The most Amoy wdwd activities, micro-blog friends can by forwarding this activity to obtain details of Mobile Recharge Card or coins.



activity in progress for a week, "in my shop" on the official forums, this activity has been posted users to the top position of the top posts. Members have joined the wdwd official QQ group, has a membership group to fill. And my shop at the same time extended the new QQ group, while strict requirements only allow members to join a QQ group. This event, members have expressed their views on the one hand, said quite agree with this activity, but also the church membership itself, as the manager should have promotions. On the other hand, it also gives a lot of advice, I hope my shop will organize what kind of activities or what kind of service.

my shop began to use the SNS community to conduct propaganda, but also the use of information to expand their influence. Micro-blog open, in addition to let more people want to open the B2C shop or market has opened shop in "my shop" users can understand the attention to the "wdwd" of the latest news, but also help wandering in e-commerce outside the prospective manager who released the latest news of some electronic commerce industry. The event to choose Sina micro-blog friends to forward, but also want to give back to my shop – shop platform fans some good manners, thank them for my shop attention. The rapid development of the network, affecting the majority of the use of the network to develop the industry. "I shop" will follow the flow of network, bring the majority of members of the manager who

more surprises!

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