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Entrepreneurs how to do the project demonstration Teach you four strokes to impress investors

NetEase Francisco November 23rd message, according to foreign media reports, the start-up companies need to do in the presentation presentation to potential investors, not false performance, to provide real data; expected to answer investors may question; the contents of the slide to sort out a clear structure, according to the chronological order; by talking attitude, and not only hard statements or presentations.

don’t false performance. Although the company statement exaggerated performance, perhaps can easily attract potential investors and media attention, but the false data fraud not want to cooperate and experienced investors.

for example, in order to prove the performance of the company, the company logo of the different customers in a slide, but do not elaborate, just a mere formality. Investors will inevitably throw a variety of issues involved in detail, then we must seize the opportunity to state their own ideas and plans to develop the trust of investors.

to do your homework before the speech, such as investors asked why the customers enjoy the lower than expected future charges and how to improve the charge? Perhaps the answer is that the current customer belongs to the customer reference (reference clients), they are early testing, can provide useful feedback, so just pay lower fees. But do not say that in order to allow customers to get faster, the bait to reduce charges, otherwise investors may think that Future Ltd will be lost by the normal standard charges.

The contents of the

slide should be clearly structured and sorted in chronological order. Demonstrate the number of customers, the number of products sold, and the amount paid by the customer. Then use some of the key indicators to illustrate the company’s expected upgrade space, product roadmap and planning node. On this basis, it will be possible to discuss the financing amount and schedule.

to promote their own businesses in front of investors, the best way to talk, but not limited to hard statements or presentations. Do not use beautiful but seemingly meaningless data to the false performance, it will only make investors the impression is not credible. Should use current actual performance to investors to talk about their product planning, business model and financial forecast. Only in this way, investors can have confidence in your ability to control and execute in the future. (small voice)

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