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National list of the introduction of traditional business e-commerce feast or bubble

in February, the Ministry of Commerce announced a list of 87 e-commerce business model, in addition to Jingdong, Dangdang, red child and other well-known e-commerce sites, a number of transition from the traditional enterprise emerging e-commerce platform (such as, I bought the food network) were also among the list; for the traditional enterprise, the the list of countries will provide strong support to enterprises and encouraged to enter the field of electronic commerce, but there are a lot of people questioned, that traditional enterprise e-commerce still needs a long process.

Suning and Gome Kuba passion 8 billion questioned

February 23rd, Suning Appliance released its 2011 development plan in Nanjing, will set up by listed companies holding the independent operating system, the company operates in parallel with the chain retail business entity, and set the goal of quadrupling the annual sales volume reached 8 billion, the scale of.

in this regard, Kuba CEO has been acquired by micro-blog in the United States expressed doubts that Tesco announced last year sales of 2 billion and the actual web access data difference is too large, "the average customer price of about 2000 sites, a year of network sales can reach 2 billion? The development of the electricity supplier again soon, not this bragging." and questioned said that Suning 8 billion year goal, "a website set up to 1 years to do? I thought it was ten years ago, all over the world in the shop".

traditional enterprise e-commerce online and offline compatibility issues


relies on the quality of the industry background, from the traditional e-commerce enterprises often have advantage so richly endowed by nature, the last shoe giant BELLE e-commerce website to get 100 million remarkable achievements, but the electronic commerce of the BELLE group leader Xie Liyun has expressed confusion, because compared with the BELLE group’s annual sales of 20 billion yuan compared. Online sales is still not worth mentioning.

let the perfect combination of online and offline is always a difficult proposition. And this is not only the problem of BELLE, for many of the traditional enterprise e-commerce responsible person is an important issue. Also on the list, leading in the vertical field of automotive supplies, automotive supplies network Chinese director Huang Manxi also said, "the traditional enterprise e-commerce is not only need to resolve, but also patience and innovation, we review the past, rely on and adhere to continuous innovation, find a symbiotic model in two different in the ecological system".

The electronic commerce website of

many traditional enterprises are dead in the search for online and offline compatibility mode on the road, and the electronic commerce industry is not as people would like Chaoyang; December 2010 EcPlus iResearch released monitoring data show that the average conversion rate of only 10.42% of the electricity supplier industry. This means that 89.58% of the flow is invalid. These flows are a large number of investors to invest in advertising, most e-commerce sites are still lack of profitability.

how to dig the traditional enterprise e-commerce Diyitongjin >

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