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The electricity supplier Pinqiang small loan market the outbreak data platform + financial + mode

electricity providers involved in small loans, network and financial integration has become a trend. Bank online shop, insurance companies to open network channels, P2P network lending platform is not new.

June 2010, Zhejiang Alibaba, the establishment of small loan companies, as of September 2012 the size of loans has exceeded 26 billion, at the beginning of the new year and launched the three days no reason to return interest loan policy; in November 2012, Jingdong China Bank launched the "supply chain finance"; Chongqing Suning microfinance Limited has officially obtained the business license. In addition, HC and other commercial enterprises to provide financial services by way of cooperation with banks, electricity providers to platform data business operations into the bank approved credit, according to bank loans.

financial why become a hotly contested spot electricity supplier


data transparency is a natural advantage of electricity providers involved in the financial

high cost, high risk, low income to allow banks to shut out small and micro enterprises, the development of micro finance in China has a huge market demand. According to Ali financial disclosure data show that the number of new customers Ali small loans for 200 thousand people, the average household loan balance of $61 thousand. In June this year, the number of customers is only 130 thousand people, less than six months has grown by more than 53%.


Business Analyst Li Chengdong said that the electricity supplier to do supply chain finance is to meet the funding needs of the business platform, can put businesses tied up in their business platform, but also to attract more businesses. Financial services has become one of the core competitiveness of the electricity supplier. The Economic Research Institute of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University professor Liu Ying said that at least there is little foreign commercial enterprises involved in the financial sector, especially to enter, there are good opportunities, if can do, it is likely to lead the world.

"either Ali or Jingdong, Suning, their small and micro enterprise credit relative to the banks of the core advantage is to improve the information system of the Industrial Bank chief economist Lu commissar also said. Ali credit is currently mainly with its own funds to provide services to its members. These members past transactions, cash flow, can be tracked in the Alibaba on the platform, even Ali can condition its platform to other business enterprises in the same industry, whether it can be sustained profitability. This provides a basis for Alibaba to provide loans. With these data, Alibaba can automatically set up a credit rating table. As long as you have a trading record on my platform, I can automatically give you the score. See if you qualify for a loan." Du Xiaoshan, deputy director of the CASS Institute of agricultural development.

Liu Qiangdong: financial business is the last treasure on the Internet

November 27, 2012, Jingdong and Bank of China, launched the supply chain financial services". Simply put, Jingdong will play a role similar to the intermediary: the supplier by virtue of its orders in Jingdong, storage list >

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