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Public comment and Lv Guangyu, who save who

March 16th, announced a high-profile public comment, the introduction of the original Alibaba group vice president Lv Guangyu, served as chief operating officer of public comment (COO), is mainly responsible for the company’s overall sales and trading platform business operation system construction.

public comment on Lv Guangyu can be described as high hopes. CEO not only singing the praises of Zhang Tao himself, "Lv Guangyu has a profound understanding and experience in the local areas of life, believe his joining can help to better serve the public comment platform users as well as the next line of business, enhance the combat effectiveness of the team." Public comment on this round of PR have done fast, Lv Guangyu suddenly became the toast of speculation, a good idea of public opinion, nothing more than two points: 1, Lu very newbier, public comment can be comparable with the introduction of his mission into the stem 2, Lu Jiawei, come, can let the comment line ability rapid change. Words, Lv Guangyu rose to the height of the O2O in the public comment, there seems to be the expert, can be a showdown with the United states.

as the saying goes, the higher the won, fell more ruthless, Lv Guangyu has just joined the public comments, the public comment merit is not built, the propaganda machine has put him up on the day, it is public comment as salvation. If I were Lv Guangyu, must be the sweat soaking clothes, Alexander, "Mom, this is not my stand on the fire, want to kill me."

in my opinion, Lv Guangyu’s public comment on the road, will not be smooth sailing.

first of all, for this moment, the public comment on the introduction of Lv Guangyu was too late.

November 2011, Vice President Ali joined the United States delegation dry Jiawei, with Ali in the management team of more than 7 thousand people experience beauty group to create a regional elite only after a spring festival, was ranked second in the U.S. delegation will realize corner overtaking, since then has been ranked the first group purchase.

public comments clearly hope the United States mission successfully modeled on. All along, the leader of the public comments are such a lack of ground forces, responsible for public comment before the sales team, Li Jing is one of the founders, but in comments before the identity of Abbott Chinese market leader, did not lead the mass line under the team experience, it has also become a public comment on this O2O a line of industry rely on the Pentium a big handicap.

but the problem is that a dry group joined the United States in four years ago, when the group purchase industry in the pack and thousands of war, a wilderness through the chaos of war, not a share of more than 20%. Look at the top four of the 2011 group purchase transaction amount: 1 billion 630 million yuan, 1 billion 450 million yuan ( (U.S. group), 1 billion 210 million yuan (Wo Wo Group), 1 billion 10 million yuan (public comment), low increase of volume. A dry joined the United States mission to bring the system of sales management system, it seems like the Paralympic Games suddenly ran into a sound player players, suddenly opened the gap with competitors.

look at the current group buying market, the public comment on the market in early 20%

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