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What does the double eleven bring us

in two days, the earth people know that the festival is coming. From the date of birth in 2009, this year has gone through a year. In order to meet this festival, the brightest electronic business platform have played a promotional banner, for a while, the world is double eleven advertising. Various businesses is scraped, ready to take a big wind. It can be expected that a world full of online shopping records are in the offing be struck dumb. Looking back six years, what does the double bring us?

"double eleven" creative began in 2009, when the Alibaba has just launched Tmall mall, online shopping accounted for the total retail sales of consumer goods in the proportion is still very low, for in store shopping consumer groups, the vast majority of online shopping this new things are not used, and the online shopping users just break 100 million. However, in this year, a change in the story of China’s electricity supplier quietly staged. Ali’s inspiration is undoubtedly a genius. At that time, the holiday was directly called "single day", with a strong flavor of the Internet, and soon echoed by young consumers knowing.

in the last few years, the annual "singles day" no doubt become the revolutionary Carnival of the impact of the Internet on traditional retail, online shopping sales is the record year after year. However, its enlightenment significance to the market may be far greater than the sales high, in this carnival, hundreds of millions of businesses received baptism, began to realize the power of the Internet is strong, and many are gradually open to the Internet test in the skylight. Today, Chinese has become the most active market benchmark for global online shopping, "singles day" tribute, can be written into the history of contemporary Chinese business volume.

double eleven to go today, not only for the China business model has enormous enlightenment, even foreign e-commerce giant, began to follow the Chinese, had played a "singles day". The aura of double eleven is gradually moving from home to abroad, from the traditional retail industry to the industrial sector. Recently Internet plus 4 of the industry and put forward, is the best proof, the Internet has grown from a simple tool for surfing rose to high degree of productivity, the strong vitality of the vigorous development of electronic commerce and show no doubt to the traditional industry on a vivid lesson.

six years since the Chinese Internet, however, has gone through a period of barbaric growth, technology and business model has been relatively mature. After the electricity supplier in the field of several large mergers and acquisitions, the pattern has been basically formed, Ali and Tencent formed two footholds, and repeated tiger bear war, recently, because of the double eleven promotion, Ali and Jingdong and even the aircraft hit the court. In addition, after experienced several great baptism, online shopping user groups are more reasonable, the sheep style marketing movement has been less attractive to users, more importantly, businesses in the bloody fight price profit model has not formed. In the previous singles, singing is a platform, the bill has millions of businesses, "

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