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Dongguan will continue to promote the development of e-commerce with 50% subsidies

Alibaba to Dongguan held small business big dreams network forum, selected ten outstanding Dongguan Fengyun network. It is reported that e-commerce help Dongguan processing trade transformation and upgrading, is one of the focus of the city’s economic work. Our city not only support the development of Alibaba and other large e-commerce platform, but also strongly support the development of local e-commerce.


e-commerce brings 90% orders

according to the framework agreement, the Dongguan municipal government and the Alibaba signed last year in the first year, both sides support the new Alibaba is used "chengxintong" service about 10000 of Dongguan’s foreign trade enterprises, to support about 2000 new Dongguan foreign trade enterprises to use the Alibaba "Chinese supplier export service.

statistics show that in June this year, Dongguan has more than 2 thousand companies through the integrity of the open up the domestic market, there are more than 3 thousand companies use".

yesterday’s forum, Dongguan Dandan Garment Co. Ltd. Company selected ten outstanding cloud network general manager Liu Zanping said, since 2009 to join the Alibaba through export, through e-commerce platform to know a lot of Hongkong and overseas customers, the company also therefore climbing.

according to the introduction, in July this year, the company built more than 8 thousand square meters of factory in high Po, the existing staff of more than and 150 people, 400 people plan within two years to the development of the scale, the company orders more than 90% are from the electronic commerce.

at present, Dongguan in addition to Alibaba and other platforms, the local e-commerce platform is also rising. In May this year, "Dongguan manufacturing network" on the line, the company official said, will help small and medium enterprises to promote online trade, for both buyers and sellers to provide information services.


50% subsidies to promote e-commerce

on the use of e-commerce platform in Dongguan enterprises, it is reported that this year the city will continue to give 50% subsidy to meet the conditions, and continue to promote the use of e-commerce platform for enterprise.

2009, City Council by letter in the investigation after the release of the "Dongguan City e-commerce development report", proposed to rely on the Dongguan eight pillar industries, a rich source of resources, and is located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland traffic advantage, continue to develop the domestic through electronic commerce, maintain a share of the export market for the export market pay attention to the online wholesale trade industry driving force.

According to reports, from the beginning of this year for 5 consecutive years, the city’s financial arrangements for each year as a special fund of $30 million to develop the development of modern information services related projects, while the allocation of 15 million yuan of special funds for e-commerce.

President of

E-Commerce Association repair fine Yi said in an interview yesterday, Dongguan is a manufacturing city, developed manufacturing industry means plenty of first-hand sources, more importantly, Dongguan is to adjust the industrial structure, the traditional manufacturing industry also.

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