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Tmall then respond to Jingdong report chicken duck said duck duck lake


technology news November 4th morning news yesterday, according to a Alibaba Jingdong real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, Ali again responded, Tmall eleven preparatory committee spokesman Fang Ya said in November 4th that we respect real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing but today is… Chicken real name reported duck, said the duck monopoly of the lake…

Fang Ya said, we will continue to expand in the price, delivery speed, lead customer service service, and product quality advantages, continue to surpass themselves and customer expectations. The market needs the spirit of entertainment, but can not only stay in the entertainment spirit; the market is speculation, but can not always stay in the hype, not to the pengci and fried tea as a career. The market does not believe in tears, the market needs to open and fair competition in the sun, do companies need to face the reality of the play and courage. We respect the real name, but today is… Chicken real name reported duck, said the duck monopoly of the lake…

yesterday evening, Jingdong announced that it has recently received business information, reflecting the Alibaba group in the double eleven promotional activities in the coercion of businesses, one of the two election". This behavior has hindered the normal market competition, but also seriously damaged the interests of consumers, Jingdong has reported to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the real name Alibaba group to disrupt the order of e-commerce market.

then, Tmall 11 official said to Sina Technology, the Jingdong is "a cry two to make three hanging". For a moment to call this for a while, you hit that, while the report, a report that the Jingdong is awfully busy. In fact, for the problem of competition, the ultimate solution is to allow consumers to choose. Tmall quality is more true, better service, lower prices, faster logistics is the natural result of the strength of enterprises. Any competition should face the reality, do not change the topic, I believe we can understand the reasons. (Warriors)

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