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Webmaster share how do look at Taobao guest, how to do

get rich on the Internet to improve the lives of every webmaster wish. No matter what channels you use their own projects, making money is the key. Of course, in this process, we need to pay a lot of hard work, we also need to have a certain operation of wisdom, not others, how to say what they do, what things should have their own ideas. Why mention this, because he is in the guest when meeting the question some new friends, they will say, this is not to say the recession did Amoy, the teacher how you do? For this problem, I can not say why, but I insist to have their own reasons, at present, Amoy environment has indeed changed, not the fool means of making money, channels and methods need to change, but in the face of such a huge volume of Amoy sales platform, small and medium-sized shops only through to Amoy to increase their own exposure, that is to say there is still the prospect of Amoy, the question is how you find the corresponding marketing channels. Therefore, when others don’t mouthing Taobao off, he bears all of this, to understand that sometimes the success of a project depends entirely on their own, rather than others, and that they are on their own views on the guest to share, hope for now lost in Amoy industry to help some friends.

Taobao customer business currently relies more on the circle, we do a website, rely on online traffic can fix everything. But now, the cost of online traffic is getting higher and higher, and the conversion rate is gradually reduced, we should seek a more appropriate channel. Now WeChat, micro-blog and other products is a good starting point, through the internal product high viscosity and then to find their target users, this will be the future for a long time Taobao really need to pay attention to the local customer.

The choice of

products can not be generalized to screening. Sales of products can not follow the crowd, not to snipe. Now quite mature business platform, we do not need to buy daily necessities in the so-called third party guest, so in product selection, Amoy to reflect their own value, to highlight the different. Just like some friends will choose furniture accessories for the promotion of the same object, because these things in Taobao although a wide variety, but how to choose is a relative trouble. If you can make a certain selection of these products at this time, it will be easy to be recognized by the user. But for the selection of products we still want as much as possible to pick out the market selling ability, otherwise it is difficult to get early sales return.

promotion means to innovate on the basis of reasonable. As already mentioned, now the guest need to circle, this is an acquisition flow incision transformation. But how to solve it? I think we have to think about it. After all, Taobao is not a pure customer to sell products, we are digging behind the product market, we need to identify the point of consumption, and the point of consumption in addition to arouse the desire to buy, appropriate to increase the added value is >

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