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Rising prices boost buy site tide

a set of imported cosmetics dozens of dollars, a famous brand clothing one hundred or two hundred…… Are you attracted to such a price, which is the charm of the site?.

2010, rising domestic prices, which also makes the proposal of "high quality and inexpensive way of life" of the popular group purchase website. Many people are not only a new way to save money and affordable consumer sentiment, thus becoming a loyal member". The group buying site is also in this context, the rapid expansion. Less than a year, the country has more than 3 thousand, with an average of nearly every day to buy online site 10.

experts said that the formation of group purchase website, to cater to consumers in the pursuit of high quality and inexpensive goods, but the low barriers to entry, but also led to many websites swarmed, which inevitably nishajuxia.

explosive growth

since the United States Groupon buy model has been an unprecedented success, the country also follow the trend of the rise of a large number of group buying site. Especially in the second half of this year, with the rise in prices, buy the site is to increase the explosive speed.

according to statistics, China’s group buying site from the first line up to now, the monthly growth rate has remained above 170%. At present, the country has more than 3000 buy site, among these buy site, there are many like Sina, Tencent, Taobao, such as the network giant.

buy the site’s development speed is too fast, almost every day there is a new group buying online." Li Na is responsible for the promotion of the project in Zhengzhou love to help network said, "there is a part of group purchase website was eliminated in operation after a period, but there are more new sites coming in group purchase."

a few people, a few computers, more than 10 thousand dollars can buy a website." Group purchase website investment is also relatively easy to copy, which makes a lot of hope in the tide of the Internet money people flock.

The rapid increase of

group purchase website, so that consumers become dizzying, choose what kind of group purchase website? How to quickly find what they want to buy? This has become the primary needs of consumers. In this context, buy navigation website also came into being.

group purchase website is navigation across the city, group purchase website in accordance with the classification of goods, the netizen in the navigation station can conveniently and quickly find their own city each group purchase website, which greatly shorten the time of consumers.

buy navigation site is the most valuable collection of information to buy a lot of finishing. Accordingly, some experts predict, buy navigation website will set off another high tide site navigation.

buy network aimed at Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou area is now the size of the Group buy site two hundred or three hundred, some of which have a network giant background of the company." Li Na said.

it is understood that the domestic well-known group buying network such as

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