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Want to play the 2B market Had to go through the seven

2B, to business. Moronic young man, you have to ready to? Some people say that the current situation of 2B as a hopeful start walking baby.

2B today began to have the youth field point newbier rumbling, there was also the sad thing cannot bear to think of the past, Ji Weiguo recalls the early BESON financing experience "that is more than the tears", a famous venture famous investor, categorically said, "our focus in the field of 2C, I do not consider 2B". Lenovo to it within thirty days of close contact with the Yan two times, about 2B, Yan Yan said: "we are not optimistic about 2B before last year, we have many investment projects are disappointing".

anyway, 2B’s spring has finally come!

since 2015, with Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent frequently in the field of 2C big moves, the capital is also looking forward to advance in the BAT layout of the blue ocean. 2B enterprise service market heat, suddenly in the spring out of the midsummer taste, Sequoia, Jingwei, IDG, Lightspeed An Zhen, such as venture capital with dollars and language lights the full expression of the 2B and the latitude areas of concern, for example, the fierce wind pies threatened by the end of 2015 to invest in 70 home, according to last year’s performance, a number of latitude years of investment in about 80-120, equivalent to the second half of the year he will invest 40 to complete the goal, moreover, that estimate, Jingwei money and effort this year at least 1/3 of the investment in this field to 2B.

How big is the

2B market

2B a simple definition, where the exchange behavior is not individual transactions can be summarized as 2B. Small office for bottled water street shops to visit President Xi Pakistan signed a $46 billion single, all business is 2B. We are from the size of this market under a set of data that in 2013 the national government procurement budget is 1 trillion and 600 billion; the total retail sales in 2014 26 trillion; 2014 domestic commercial housing sales of 7 trillion and 600 billion, the retail sales of consumer goods and real estate sales 25% as he purchases the upstream product (service) cost about the release of the procurement requirements 8 trillion and 400 billion the.

2B market content and form

B2B (business to business) refers to the provision of goods or services from producers (agents) to distributors or institutional users. The representative of the enterprise in the field of Alibaba and Dunhuang network, looking for steel nets and plastic nets; as well as the supply of fresh farmers to do the balance of the pie, fresh for clubs, frozen goods sinks, fruit, etc.. Characterized by a set of buyers and sellers (organized producers or agents and non individual users to trade), the formation of a super platform for the industry, this piece of the imagination of large space, intense coverage.

second is R2B (resources to business), refers to the organization of the production resources for the

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