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The way of my station group how to choose the station group software

2010 a day, I want to quit my job, out of their own business, but for many of the items are not found in the right. Have a chat with some friends, they are no more than a few things you can do at work to make a little extra money, the hearts of the whole point of thinking about what to do things, can’t do starve to death, finally we get exactly the same opinion, is to do a virtual host, it is the so-called IDC, because we are is the network professional background, for us it is very small. Then use the friends of the company’s two servers (server basically no files, pure furnishings), and then installed a N point virtual host management system, so that each month’s hosting fees are saved. For the first time the situation is not so good, not what business, but since our business improved 2 months, our business is getting better and better, the price is low, the second is the customer service guarantee, the third is the space is indeed stable, customers are also more and more, until the end of 2010. We have five servers, then there is no friend to the company’s server, the server will be hosted in Jiangsu, but each month have to pay the cost of hosting many.

but to the first half of 2011, good times don’t last long, IDC industry more and more, although we can keep the service, but the price is still competitive in some big IDC business, every month hosting fees are at a loss. He is engaged in professional network, usually also contact some web design code, sometimes on the Internet to see some big Fairies in the AdSense bill, is really amazing ah, some a month or $4000$, ah, let me see the very heart, hence a grassroots webmaster, but because of this not too much contact, in the study on the seowhy for a period of time it started the first station operation. Can be said to be learning while operating, but also with some master some learning methods, and understand the station operation method of the most popular thinking, if you want to have a space for one person in the network, it would have to do station group, a website that is not likely to engage in large groups, so how do share some? I will give my experience, for your reference.

, find a good standing group of software, what is good, I think it is necessary to have a batch of station functions, another is in the process to have powerful functions, here recommended Knight station software, can be batch station, there is a strong corpus, a text can be automatically re read, and relatively strong, then have the opportunity to buy a set of Knight Lifetime version A5 agency help, now not only the knight Lifetime version, version of the annual fee, now A5 is interested in group purchase, can understand, on Friday I recommend a friend bought a few days, he also felt through the powerful the knight felt.

two, stable space, at the beginning of the time is always used in foreign space, but the speed of access to space abroad or have a certain impact, if you want to use

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