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E-commerce market who will seize the standard opportunities

in late July, launched the integrity of self-examination and put up a pageantry action to reforming the moral order of online shopping market, the establishment of a new online shopping credit standards, but unfortunately, it killed more than 12 thousand suspected in the store, did not deserve the most of people applauded, contrary to some dissatisfaction "manslaughter" sellers also organized "anti Taobao union". This is probably Taobao suffered the embarrassment of the standard building on the good faith to remedy the situation, although not too late, but the pay is normal.

while in rebuilding honesty in the mud, as a domestic C2C rival Baidu has ah quietly through the establishment of standard product database "Ark plan to start, hoping to establish the product information online shopping platform release of the standard, so as to promote Baidu has ah shopping network in the standard to determine the status of the makers. The final realization of" building the first large product library community "electronic commerce Chinese historical ambition.

Chen Xiaohua in the "e-commerce security issues" clearly pointed out: the lack of uniform technical aspects of e-commerce, the impact of interoperability. The international standard IF more than 17 thousand, there are more than 3 thousand standards, truly in the electronic commerce inside the standard is not enough, also need to develop. Standards should not only advance, but also pave the way. Standard is the rules of the game, you first set the standard you have mastered the initiative."

"the world first-class enterprises sell the standard, second-class enterprises selling brand, three enterprises sell their products, the real competition applies in network marketing, selling products business although with strong sales team, but the profit is meager, always way forward heteronomy, take step difficult, can only rely on 3721 year survival. Chinese real name of a large number of network of agents for the sudden demise of products was the fate of bankruptcy; the brand owned enterprises is to nourish life, but faced with fierce competition in the market pressure, the cake is fixed, it will struggle to cope with, this is also why the happy net for domain names fight in hot pursuit of reason; and have the standard formulation of the right to speak of the enterprise, you can sleep without any anxiety, because they will have to open the market access system of the key. Set the standard to become conscious of the market judgment, other competitors can only lead to the command, so try to become the industry standard, the standard to seize the opportunities, as many enterprises dream.


"who set standards of who is in charge of this truth is an indisputable fact, but how to seize the network marketing standards initiative, Zhong Haibo believes that the formulation of standards, the first step is small, but the occupation standard high standard is not the one who want to Xian Tan, will have the lead.

Formulation of

network marketing standards must be leader of influential industry, industry giants have rich experience and superb level of theory, can rely on a strong platform and precipitation Months and years pass by. appeal, according to the development trend of the industry and the prospects for the industry accurately predicted, it may become an advocate and standard > the

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