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Black five War Honey Amoy 9 hours trading volume breaking million


] November 28th news billion state power network, under the anticipated black Friday in the morning today in Chinese first opened for a imported electricity supplier who ushered in the flow, the surging sales of holiday. According to data released by the Amoy Amoy, black five opening of the five minutes, its sales break million, to the morning of 9 points, sales have reached 10 million level.


black five War 1 hours honey Amoy sales


black five war 9 hours honey Amoy sales

It is reported that

, 51 will usher in Black War honey Amoy sales soared, many goods have been sold out within 5 minutes. As of 1 in the morning, honey Amoy sales reached $64 million 300 thousand. And 9 hours later, honey Amoy sales have exceeded 10 million.

billion state power network to understand, honey Amoy black Friday "overseas shopping Carnival" from Beijing in November 28th 0 points continue to 24 points, but from November 15th onwards, the event will enter the warm-up period. In addition to the issuance of up to 300 million yuan worth of coupons, honey Amoy also launched a cash red envelopes, collection gifts, discount red envelopes, spike envelopes and other promotional activities.

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