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What is the reason for the first generation of electricity supplier managers quickly withered

this paper, published in the "sales and marketing" channel version 5 monthly: Zhuang Shuai 100 read business column, recently came to Lining Lin Li, head of electronic commerce minister Zhao Zhi, Galanz e-commerce e-commerce Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd responsible person recently have left, plus before and other traditional enterprise business department general manager of change, let us in in the traditional enterprises electricity supplier manager

pinch to sweat!

why are they leaving? Is the failure of the project or strategic adjustment? Is better or forced? In three years, the electricity supplier looks prosperous, the boss’s expectations are constantly pushing; while in the traditional enterprise, business managers are very careful and humble, such as wolves opponent, to coordinate the interests of the conservative system. Occupation situation as KB Boloni electric responsible person Wang Lei said: half water half flame.

The first generation

responsible for electricity in the post fire environment of hard suffering, laid the country, leaving the family, now have to leave grievances? Fate? What is the reason for


is the boss of Taobao myth brainwashing

traditional enterprise boss often heard such a story: a couple years Taobao opened a shop did not spend a penny of advertising sales of millions, earn hundreds of thousands a year. This is the 2008 version. By 2009, a year to earn a few million, 2010 has become a year sales of billions of dollars.

‘s story may indeed exist, but not many, is not so easy, but in Taobao’s strong public relations activities, traditional business owners believe this myth can be fully achieved in themselves.

in fact, traditional enterprise business and Taobao shop (including large) the survival logic is completely different:

1 husband and wife store decision-making and execution speed: into what goods? How many goods? Do not sign, do not submit for approval, without audit and demonstration, the couple can in the shortest possible time decision and execution. On the contrary, the traditional enterprise decision-making chain is too long, often lost opportunities.

2 shop correction ability: error occurred after a short look for reasons, the next step can be avoided. And then quickly adjusted to return to the right track.

traditional enterprise once the mistakes, reflection period is too long, before the "traditional channels to carry out the business of offending" may also attack you, the boss of you that a little bit of trust will be discounted, the next correction and re force becomes difficult. Once the electricity supplier did not dare to make mistakes, will soon lose the ability to innovate.

3 shop without friction, do not have too much suspicion, many things are the most quickly.

in the traditional enterprise, stakeholders are, in their eyes, the electricity supplier is hot fragrant steamed bun, the bomb is deprived of their interests, this ambivalence makes communication costs increase, the internal friction is inevitable.

4 growth is limited, myth difficult to continue. In the brilliant performance of shop early, but then.

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