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WAL-MART capital controls and strategic chains under the 1 shop

a month ago, shop No. 1 Chairman Yu Gang and CEO Liu mountains to leave, just half a month later (early August), Yu Gang, Liu Junling, a strong return of one drug network news once again aroused the concern. One medicine network was founded in July 2010, was a channel 1 shop, WAL-MART holdings, just in the shop and Liu Junling from the acquisition of the 1 shop, and there is no equity interest in shop No. 1. Although the new journey in just direction is clear, but the replay in just from his hand to make arrangements for the No. 1 store sadly curtain call, there are a lot of entrepreneurial experience and deepen our understanding of the electricity industry. Chinese entrepreneurs, a comprehensive industry insiders, No. 1 shop employees and investors and other clues, will be just why the number 1 shop out of control and the frustration of the development of shop No. 1 were analyzed.

sadly curtain call

January 1, 2015, the same as in previous years, the staff of the shop No. 1 received a just sent the message, however, and in the past is different, the message did not mention the previous year, the company operating indicators". 2014, the transaction amount of yuan in the mail on the show was $11 billion 500 million, an increase of 69.6%.

2014 set the target is 25 billion of the transaction, but the goal is not reached." 1 shop staff Li (a pseudonym) with the Chinese entrepreneurs, while chatting with reporters, while discussing the entry time and the new owner. WAL-MART is on the Department of Li’s financial verification, his departure date has not been determined.

2014 is a watershed, huge capital utilization since 2010 into electricity supplier industry 4 years end industry chaos delineated by the feudal lords vying for the throne, industry structure. Matthew Internet HENGQIANG played most incisive, flow, capital, personnel and other resources to quickly focus, scenes of tragedy and comedy Losers are always in the wrong. are ending: Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong has completed more than the old, Bu Guangqi was crowned king…… The names of the once beautiful scenery have rarely been mentioned.

When the

business platform China duopoly pattern is considered in the short term is difficult to shake, which actually makes Chinese second tier electricity supplier brand has been in a very awkward position, the upside is impossible, only to retreat, such as Dangdang will take a way to consolidate the position of the contraction category.

but it’s another thing to keep watch. In early 2013, Liu Qiangdong Suqian fellow, former Jingdong IT marketing director Sun Jiaming Liu Qiangdong was responsible for the transfer to the merchandise category, the release signal is clear: the main category of 3C and large appliances slowdown in Jingdong, Liu Qiang east sent their most effective go getters do daily commodities, is to force in this category the.

at this time, 1 shop as the category of the strongest competitors have entered the sight of Jingdong. After doing research on shop No. 1, Jingdong found that the number of stores in the ace of food products are imported milk 1. "Milk duplicate purchase rate is high, the viscosity is good, most importantly, the drainage effect is very good. >

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