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Amazon logistics lags behind the development of e-commerce dilemma

Dragon Boat Festival, a friend sent me two Amazon shopping card, a few days later I was in full consumption in Amazon. June 20th after the order, in June 21st the query orders, is still in the state of not shipped. In June 27th or June 28th, I should be able to receive the goods, according to Amazon.

than I have many times before the online shopping experience, Amazon and Dangdang have a fight. In 2008, when I was on the Internet to order two of the people of Lang Xianping economics, after half a month to receive the goods sent dangdang. After that, I have not purchased goods in Dangdang, although I have seen the basic books Dangdang, and finally I choose other platforms. Because Dangdang that experience, has made me completely lost interest in dangdang.

this time Amazon, I just finished the gift card task, did not want to become a long-term user. And with this shopping experience, I’m sure it won’t be on the Amazon. In many similar e-commerce sites (shopping website) promised day of service, the Amazon still remain in the "post era", I am won’t listen to reason. If only such a level of logistics, then why should I choose not to choose the Amazon? Over the many years of mail order. Since I choose online shopping, I was a figure to save money and convenient. Saving money is one aspect, more important or convenient. You can’t send it to me for a week. Can I still have the heart to wait for the goods you sent me?

online shopping is now used to express, to see who is the best service, who is the fastest. There are a lot of users even suggested that you do not choose to express courier EMS. One can imagine that the crowd for the pursuit of speed. Amazon, the speed really makes me dare not compliment. I believe that similar to Amazon’s B2C site, it should not be a minority, at least I know Dangdang, the same is true. After the order, not to enter the logistics process, and even order processing need so long time, in the end what to compete with people?

this also allows me to understand why Taobao to build their own logistics platform, why Jingdong to strengthen their own logistics platform, why many courier companies can develop rapidly. The reason is very simple. Taobao, Jingdong worth mentioning, has a strong logistics platform, which is equivalent to further close to the user. The closest to the user’s site, to be able to maximize the user’s favorite. The same is true for courier companies. I is the most commonly used SF express, I used the longest time is STO, the courier company’s development, safety and speed that can win the trust of users, will be able to get close to the user, the user’s loyalty, this is the development of the king.

for the current e-commerce site, has been the development and creation of the B2C site, first you should also consider whether your logistics channel is smooth as a consumer

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