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Sina Taobao released micro-blog version of the new era of social planning


[science and technology] micro-blog today released a grand edition of the three core changes: 1, exclusive identity: blue V users have a Taobao store can be displayed in the rear of the nickname "Amoy" mark. 2, Taobao shop background can be directly inserted into the micro-blog, as long as the product links in micro-blog page will directly display the item "card" analysis, 3 strong data, can analyze the propagation path of commodity in social media; social shopping 2 times come!


August 1st morning news, Sina micro-blog today jointly issued by Alibaba group’s Taobao micro-blog Taobao edition and a series of product features.

distance cooperation announced only 3 months, the two sides announced the first phase of progress. Based on user account interoperability, data exchange, the two platforms will also provide hundreds of millions of users and sellers to provide a new service experience, accelerate the arrival of the era of social shopping 2.

account open

improve the user’s shopping efficiency

for the cooperation of users value mainly manifests in two aspects: one is the double exchange platform account, reducing the user login and register the cost; two is the Taobao product information in micro-blog CARD analytic form, show more rich information, help users to fully understand the characteristics of the goods, plus shopping decision. These will greatly enhance the user’s shopping efficiency.

both account system to open up, when the user accounts for the performance of the binding, micro-blog users will be able to directly log on Taobao platform to complete the purchase, payment and other links. By then, the user can access an account of the two platforms, greatly reducing the cost of switching on the two platforms login, so that shopping and information sharing more convenient.

product upgrade

improve the management efficiency of sellers

as an important product of this release, micro-blog Taobao version for the majority of Taobao sellers to provide convenient marketing services. By adding micro-blog module in the background of the shop, micro-blog version of Taobao will help sellers shop accounts and micro-blog accounts for a one-stop operation, improve the efficiency of social marketing management.

to many Taobao sellers, micro-blog has become an important marketing channel for the touch of the mass of consumers, but in the micro-blog platform, rich picture is an effective way to attract the attention of consumers, the seller is also one of the most commonly used functions. Therefore, micro-blog Taobao version of the release of the box has been simplified, in addition to the input text to retain only pictures and expressions of the two options. In the micro-blog Taobao version of the background, click the box below the seller issued the "baby" button to upload a single commodity, micro-blog can display 9 goods, and with CARD form.

strategic upgrade

to create a user virtual life platform

in April 29th this year, Sina announced a strategic alliance with the Alibaba group, in the account exchange, the number of

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